Atheism Essays Particular to Dan Barker

This post contains hyperlinks to Atheism is Dead’s posts regarding Dan Barker or the Freedom From Religion Foundation

Does Atheism Provide Ethical Grounding?

Dan Barker Sues George Washington and Happy Thanksgivings!!!

Dan Barker's Views On Human Dignity

Dan Barker Sues Barak Obama

Dan Barker’s FANG Turn Out to Be a Milk Tooth

Was Timothy McVeigh a God Believing Catholic and a “Christian Terrorists”? - Part 1 of Dan Barker and the Alien Rape Voyeurs

Debate 101: the Schooling of Dan Barker

Bill Maher’s Errata

Capella’s Guide to Atheism

Monsters vs Aliens

Atheism and the Illuminati

History of Atheism

Scriptural Misinterpretations and Misapplications


Their Secret Parts (biblical rape?)

Babylon’s Raze (happy dashing children against stones?)

Thou Shalt Only Love Thy Jewish Neighbors? (biblical intolerance?)

No Women or Christians Allowed? (how exclusive is the heavenly choir?)

Child Stoning? (self explanatory)

Child Sacrifice: Sanctioned and “the right thing to do”? (self explanatory)

Shame On You Solomon! (biblical polygamy?)

Filial Misanthropy? (biblical hatred of parents?)

The Castrati Kingdom? (biblical genital mutilation?)

Poverty Equals Salvation? (self explanatory)

“Christians Should Not Tithe—Unless…” (to tithe or not to tithe)

Merry Paganism and Happy New Year? (biblically condemned Christmas trees?)

In Conclusion

Atheism, the Bible, Rape, EvilBible.com and Dan Barker

Atheism Symbols - Atheist Symbols

GUEST BLOGGER: Answering Easter Contradiction

Atheism : Another Attempt at a, Positive, Face Lift

Do Any Atheists Have Pure Motives?

Barker’s Butt

Board to Tears

Atheism Board News

Dan Barker Intruded Upon the Solstice

Atheist Neo Paganism … In Other Words

Dan Barker and Neo-Pagan Atheism

Dan Barker and Michael Newdow’s School of Job Security

Friedrich Nietzsche Nails the Freedom From Religion Foundation

Dan Barker's Kalam Konfusion

Thou Shalt Not Lie

Was Timothy McVeigh a Christian Terrorist?

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