A “True Freethinker” from “Atheism is Dead”

Dear “Atheism is Dead” readership,

In order to consolidate my various online projects, I have concocted a new website.

I have attempted to merged the best of websites and blogs with the running chronological updates of a blog on the homepage and the categorization capabilities of a website.

The website is now running but having to dump my circa 1,300 essays into it and adjusting them to their new home is a work in progress thus, it is still “under construction.” Meanwhile, "Atheism is Dead" will shortly go into stasis.

So, set your phasers to stun, and reset your favorites from “Atheism is Dead” to TrueFreethinker.
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Bart Ehrman’s Problem, part 1

Please note that this essay has been moved to True Freethinker where it was posted at this link

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