Richard Dawkins – “Outraged atheists lose faith in Dawkins as he censors website”

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  1. Funny, but you should have written this before Dawkins wrote his apology for the way things were handled. So no confrontation is expected. Funny you left out, but it's quite clear you don't understand what even happened in the first place.

  2. Mariano:

    Why do you hate Richard Dawkins so much? I thought Christians were supposed to be filled with "love" and all that. Making fun of his face, really? Judging by your picture, you're not exactly an Adonis yourself, no offense.

    But if Richard Dawkins were such a paltry pseudo-intellectual as you say, why do you seem so fascinated with him? I always find it interesting (and perhaps telling?) that you frequently engage in the very thing you condemn: emotionally-driven personal attacks supported by quotes taken out of context.

  3. "The forum is going to be more tightly controlled and will be under more central control."

    The shape of things to come if Dawkins succeeds in his crusade against religious freedom. Totalitarian atheism at its finest.

  4. By contrast, totalitarian Christianity is an actual problem...

  5. 'Why do you hate Richard Dawkins so much?'

    Oh the ignorance

  6. No, really, why do you hate Dawkins?

  7. "The shape of things to come if Dawkins succeeds in his crusade against religious freedom. Totalitarian atheism at its finest."

    What does "religious freedom" have to do with a privately run forum for atheists?

    You are free to practice your religion. Just not in my house.

    Your whining here is like you stepping into my house, preaching away, and then whining like a little crybaby if I threw you out!

  8. I think someone may have had a few JW visits lol

  9. Whateverman...

    "By contrast, totalitarian Christianity is an actual problem..."

    That's right, 200+ million murdered by totalitarian atheists isn't an "actual" problem.

  10. Only to tards who can't tell the difference between actions done by people who may have been atheistic, and actions done in the name of religion.

  11. Bathtub...

    That makes totalitarian atheism's 200+ million dead not an actual problem. Nice morality you have there.

  12. Well done on showing to everyone that you can't comprehend the point.

    Do please share with us the 'solution' to the 'problem' of the people Stalin might have killed.

  13. To clarify, I don't think a historical event, is a 'problem' seeking a solution.
    Apparently Anonymous does.

  14. You didn't make a point, you spewed a red herring. How is the murder of over 200 million people by totalitarian atheism not an actual problem?

  15. No Red Herring, just a simple point.

    There is a difference between doing something because you are a Christian, and doing something and also just happening to be Christian.

    There is a difference between doing something because you are a Rastafarian, and doing something and also just happening to be Rastafarian.

    Presumably you don't consider the Crusades a 'problem'? Or the Thousands killed as Witches to be a 'problem'?

  16. I see where you're coming from. If we pretend that there isn't a remarkable correlation between totalitarian atheism and the worst mass murders in human history then it becomes obvious that the murders of over 200 million innocent people can be seen to be less of a problem than religious atrocties, and therefore atheism is great!

    I see your point. Totalitarian atheist murderers are so because they are assholes and not because they are atheists. Therefore, there is also a strong correlation between atheism and being an asshole.

  17. Hmm strange At the moment it would appear to be a correlation to anonymous commenter and being an asshole.


  18. Youtube? Sorry but the site is actually blocked in the secular atheist utopia where I am currently residing. Assholes! (that also happen to be atheists).

  19. Richard Dawkins is a puerile lump of diseased matter and all you apologists for this deranged donk should go into a corner,eat your own fecal matter and then die S-L-O-W-L-Y along with your boy,Richie Dawkins,Hitchens,Harris and the rest of the atheistic garbage flotsam.If you choose to be atheists...well knock yourselves out but remember all the atheistic poster boys from an earlier time...the demented Nietzche who was in reality a syphilytic moron who couldn`t even wipe his ass for the last eleven years of his life because the cretin was in a coma...and then there is Bertrand Russell the consumate coward,typical atheist pussy,who fled England during the height of the First World War in order to avoid conscription and serving his country and oh the sociopath Alistair Crowley...now there was piece of work...satanic work who should have been cut into chunks and fed into a wood chipper.I could go on and on about all the brain dead atheists that this world has been cursed with but I will conclude by asking one fundamental question...just why is so much of Humanity fucked up...poor potty training,oxygen deprivation at birth,insufficient breast milk feeding at birth...the question of the day was Richard Dawkins breastfed when he was a little itsy bitsy atheist...and could Stephen Hawking ever get a hard on?Now,I know Hawking is a poster boy for all the materialistic hacks out there but I can`t help but think this poor little challenged organism is pissed off with his serious physical limitations,I know I would,and he is angry to the point of rejecting anything which the majority esteem.

  20. Ah another christian transformed into a new creation by the love of Jesus.

    Can't you feel the fruits of the spirit flowing from that post?

  21. I'm a Born-Again believer in Jesus Christ and I think Richard is cute :D

    I admire him for his... Passion and boldness, but I don't agree with his proposal that Faith schools... ((Christian ones (not Catholic ones are dangerous.) After all it was Christians who invented the schooling system.

    Hmmm... Bathtub, I would just like to say to you personally, the Crusades/ Witch burnings were not carried out by proper Born-Again Christians because Born Again Christians would not kill somebody else (Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do to you.) Witches weren't the only ones suffering in the witch burnings either. Proper Christians were persecuted then aswell.

    The idea of burning/ torturing atheists or witches is repulsive and downright sickening to me as a Born Again believer in Christ.

    May I ask, Bathtub? What made you atheist?

  22. EVERYONE acts ONLY and ALWAYS from out of their fundamental convictions - EVEN WHEN GAMBLING. Therefore to say that mass murders carried out by atheists had nothing to do with them being atheists but that similar things done by theists must be because of their theism is simply ridiculous nonsense lacking in all logic and as such divorced from reality.

  23. Atheists are constantly burning and torturing themselves with self-engendered, unnecessary doubt which they claim to be the highest virtue. I mean, how terrible is the inner life of one who doubts the Principle of Causality - all to be able to assert that there is no Supreme Universal Moral Authority and therefore it is ok for them to behave as despicably as they like and shouldn't be despised for it?

  24. Pretty standard theist gibberish.

    "Principal of Causality!"

    "Oh, sure, then what caused God?"

    "Causality doesn't apply!1!"

  25. Hahahahahahahahahaha! Why do you suppose the Beginning of ALL THINGS needs to have something preceding it causally - or otherwise?

    If the Principle of Causality is removed from reasoning - if no causal link exists between events - what is left but pure CHAOS and MAGIC? I thought atheists were claiming to be logical thinkers who rejected MAGIC! Clearly NOT! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  26. Yes exactly, special pleading.

    Since time began with the formation of the universe (spacetime), and 'before the universe' doesn't make any sense I could say with just as much evidence as you have presented that trigger for universe doesn't need causality either.

    As I said, you present a rule, command that everything obey it, then immediately say your deity breaks this rule simply by definition. This is not evidence, it is simply special pleading.

  27. Hahahahahahahahahah! Who said ANYTHING about BEFORE the universe? I'm talking about the Original State of the Universe. The State of the Universe from Which ALL subsequent states arose. But such a concept is alien to you as an atheist is it not? Hahahahahahahahahah!

    Without the Principle of Causality, NO INFERENCE can be logically justified and ALL reasoning comes to a grinding halt!

    And, by the way, the Principle of Causality only demands that EFFECTS have CAUSES. It DOESN'T claim that ALL causes must have have causes. The BEGINNING OF ALL THINGS, by definition, CANNOT be an EFFECT now, can it? Hahahahahahahahahahaha! I've noticed that fine details like that seem to ALWAYS escape atheists. A case of intellectual imprecision, wouldn't you say? It gets you lot into so much hot water in debates! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  28. Nope again, it's all special pleading.

    Acting like a douche-bag and simply piling on more special pleading doesn't change that it's special pleading.

    Again, with as much evidence as you are presenting I could simple state that the 'Original State of the Universe' by definition requires the Universe to Exist.

    You are not making any case for God.

    You are simply insisting that an uncaused cause must exist, and this is God.

    But by that very same argument I can say the uncaused cause is simply the original state of the universe.

    I'm not asserting this argument, just showing that yours as a case for God is simply special pleading.

    You aren't presenting any actual evidence for one uncaused cause over another.

  29. Hahahahahahahahaha! Ah! so you do believe the universe has an Original State. And that this Original State can be called the Uncaused Cause! Well then, that's EXACTLY what I call "GOD"! You DO agree with me then, eh? And you didn't even know it! Hhahahahahahahahahaha!

    Sheeeeeshhh! These atheists are funny!

  30. well thank you proving that you didn't actually read what I said. I specifically said I wasn't arguing that.

    I just said it's the natural extension of your un-evidenced special pleading.

  31. Hahahahahahahahahaha! So WHAT are you arguing? ANYTHING AT ALL? Hahahahahhahahahaha! You KNOW you DAREN'T attempt to argue ANYTHING AT ALL anyway since you'd be put to the sword intellectually and cut to ribbons! Having shunned the Principle of Causality, you're in NO POSITION to argue ANYTHING! Certainly NOT LOGICALLY! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

    All atheists can do is assert - NO MORE! Just as delinquent children, impervious to reason, stamp their feet and demand that the moon be brought down and handed to them - simply because they wants it! The fact that the demand is absurd and canno9t be fulfilled does not concern them! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

  32. yeah if I was too embarrassed to admit that I wasn't reading the posts, and just wanted to act like a jackass I would post like that too.

  33. By the way, the evidence for the Original State of the Universe is the subsequent states of the Universe which have arisen -directly or indirectly - out of It by means of CAUSATION - of which we have countless examples!

    But, of course, you don't understand Causality, do you? Hahahahahahahahahahahah!

  34. Contrary to what you seem to think cutting and pasting "hahahahahahaha derp derp derp hahahahahah" over and over again isn't a meaningful comment.

    Until you decide to start reading and responding to what was actually said, there isn't really much point going on.

  35. Hahahahahahahahahah! Why should ANYONE be embarrassed about not reading drivel? However, I did read what you wrote and responded to it. YOU made the argument. If you're disowning it then you can't claim it works for you, can you? Hahahahahahahahahahahah!

  36. Hahahahahahahahahahah! Taking to your heels, eh? You atheists ALWAYS do when you encouter strong opposition! Witness Dawkins and co. beating the backs of their heads with their heels as they run from William Lane Craig! Hahahahahahahahahahahah!

  37. Atheism is about denying the Existence of God - WITHOUT EVIDENCE! So atheists are hardly in any position to demand evidence for ANYTHING from anyone. Nevertheless, I have offered CONCLUSIVE evidence for EVERYTHING I've said here. Is this not so? Hahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  38. How can these leaders of the worldwide atheist community show their faces in public again after this tour by William Lane Craig if they fail to debate him? Why would ANY intelligent and honest person want to hear what they have to say anymore if they are not prepared to defend it in public against strong opponents?

    All they are saying loud and clear to the world is that, contrary to the intellectual standards they claim to espouse, they will only debate when they feel quite sure that there is no risk to them of being defeated – and consequently exposed to ridicule; Humiliated.

    Humiliated because they have heretofore boasted of the unassailability of their position which they claim to be founded on truth – which in turn they insist is sacred to them. Yet one who truly reveres truth will see no shame in being humbled by it; will in fact humble himself willingly before it. Therefore one may safely conclude that what is sacred to them is not truth at all – but merely their ridiculous self-regard founded on vanity.

    I for one welcome this happy development as I had long grown intensely bored with the tiresome illogical drivel and often blatant deliberate falsehoods that have spewed from the maws of these benighted fellows – like the brackish fluid that issues from a breached sewerage pipeline. They were the scourging mankind had to endure for the corruption that was bound to result from the permissive society. But at long last after this long night of the soul dawn is breaking out again. The pestilence is being checked – the atheists are being silenced. Glory be to God! Amen!

  39. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Derp Derp... My grandma got me a computer for my birthday... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and I learned how to cut and paste and act like a dipshit... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  40. If this is what being saved does to a person, I'd rather be an atheist.

  41. Hahahahahahahahaha! Oh man, those giggles are contagious. *snort* pfff-


    The original state of the universe is God? So God is an infinitesmall point of absurdly high density spacetime and not, as I had been led to believe, an Omnicient Supernatural Uberbeing who'll torture me forever for stealing a cookie, as is right and just?

    Glad we cleared that up. Pfffff- Hahahahahahahaha! Oh man, stop! Please mercy, I'm laughing so hard it's giving me a stomach ulcer... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  42. HAAAAAHAHAHAHAAHHHAHAHAHHAHAH I think that a zombie god Created my incestuous Predecessors out of dirt and Ribs! HahahHAHAAHAHHAHAHaa I AM LOGICAL AHHAhahahaAHAHAHAHAH. AND SANee.

  43. Hahahahahahahahaha! These atheists are have gone bonkers! They're all equally bad at logic, mathematics and science in general! Hahahahahahahahahahah!

    At the Beginning of the Universe there was ONLY the Original State of the Universe. Space and Time DID NOT yet exist - nor did constraints of ANY form. All these arose SUBSEQUENTLY!

    An Unconstrained State capable of Unlimited Spotaneous Activity differs from Infinite Conscious Will how - exactly? Hahahahahahahahahahahahah! Sheeeesh! Are all of you atheists dimmos college drop-outs? Hahahahahahahahahahahah!

    As for your torture, you're doing it to yourself with your rebellion against the Truth! Yes, it's ALREADY HAPPENING! ALL atheists suffer from severe bouts of DEPRESSION, do they not? What HELL could be worse than that? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  44. HahahahAHAHAHHAHAHAH I BELieve Ideas exist Without a brain because sOme goat-Herders wrote a book back in The bronZe AGe. HAHAHAaahhahahhhhhhaaaah.

    Remember kids, if you randomly capitalise words it makes your argument true. You dimmos.

  45. Trollboy wrote:

    Space and Time DID NOT yet exist - nor did constraints of ANY form. All these arose SUBSEQUENTLY!
    (emphasis added)

    Care to explain to us atheists (who are apparently bonkers by virtue of joining in with your own manical laughter) how "SUBSEQUENTLY" /capslock makes any bleeding sense in the absense of time?

    An Unconstrained State capable of Unlimited Spotaneous Activity differs from Infinite Conscious Will how - exactly?

    Why the hell would a complete absence of spacetime have sentience, or be capable of omnipotence? Dude, you sound like one of those Choprak believers who has thinks he's proven God's existance by virtue of knowing a few quantumish sounding buzzwords.

    Here's a hint: according to the actual astrophysicists and cosmologists and not Mr Twisty Facts, who is apparently who get your information from, there was no "before the universe". The initial starting conditions for our universe are called "initial" for a reason, and they were an infinitesmall singularity, not whatever the heck you just wrote. There wasn't anything before that, because there wasn't any "before".

    ALL atheists suffer from severe bouts of DEPRESSION, do they not?

    No. :D

    PS: Projection much?

    PPS: I've gotta admit, if you're a poe, you're awesome. If you're a troll, you're failing at doing anything other than providing hilarious amusement. And if you're genuine, they're going to need to invent new words for how bad you fail at life. This thread is my new favorite thing on the internet.

  46. Hahahahahahahahahahaha! A brain is a lump of organic matter - organised by forces OUTSIDE of itself! It is NOT capable of generating ideas - or indeed of ANY action; anymore than a computer can write its own programs! Hahahahahahahahhha! Sheeeeeesh! These atheist boneheads are COMPLETELY bonkers! Hahahahahahahahaha!

  47. Hahahahahahahahahahah! And now these atheist boneheads are claiming they don't know the meaning of the word "SUBSEQUENT"! Hahahahhahahahahaha! At the BEGINNING, there WAS NO TIME OR SPACE! However, These were created with the First Action of from out of the Original State! The very fact this meeds to be explained to you.......! Sheeeeesh! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

  48. And what has Space-Time to do with whether sentience exists or not? Space-Time is merely an OUTWARD expression of Reality. Reality is NOT based on it! Space-Time is Created and can be manipulated and modified without limit by Ultimate Reality! From the point of view of those who dwell in Space-Time - i.e. ALL ELSE in the Universe - such unlimited ability to Create and alter Space-Time IS Omnipotence! Hahahahahahhahahaha!

  49. The Original State of the Universe is/was NOT a point - IN SPACE - because Space COULD NOT exist AT the Original State of the Universe. But the CREATION of Space - AND TIME - did begin with a singularity in which - by the laws of conservation - EVERYTHING that SUBSEQUENTLY arose existed with its complement! This was followed by inflation and polarization. Thus, for instance, matter could not exist here alone but only IN COINCIDENCE with antimatter - and I trust you know what that means! Hahahahahahahahahahahah!

    Now, I don't know who has been teaching you physics, but I suggest you go and get your money back and report them to your local education authorities for incompetence! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  50. Once again, the true Universe - not merely the materially observable bit of it - is that which contains ALL THINGS! Even God is contained herein. However, of the Universe, there is a Part that Exists UNCONDITIONALLY - God - and a Part that exists CONDITINALLY - God's Creation. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE! What you atheist boneheads are claiming is that there is no UNCONDITIONED Part of Existence. And that is utterly absurd - since the Universe - not merely its material products - exists UNCONDITIONALLY! Is this not so? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    As for the DEPRESSION of ALL atheists it is a well-known FACT! I mean who would not be DEPRESSED living with the conviction of having NO FUTURE or only severe DEPRESSION and agonising PAIN to look forward to - FOR ETERNITY! Hahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  51. Space-Time is Created and can be manipulated and modified without limit by Ultimate Reality!

    Pics... err, I mean... Evidence or it didn't happen.

    The Original State of the Universe is/was NOT a point - IN SPACE - because Space COULD NOT exist AT the Original State of the Universe.


    Once again, you're confusing t=0 with misleading descriptions of "what came before" t=0. Space and Time are correlated, and have always existed: the very concept of a time at which space can't exist is the most redulous derp I've ever heard, derpbag.

    Space has existed for as long as the universe has existed, but I never said the singularity was "a point - IN SPACE" /capslock. At t=0, it was compressed into a very small volume (presumably planck volume, the smallest volume before which space-time becomes granular according to Quantum Mechanics), but it contained every point in the modern universe.

    Now, I don't know who has been teaching you physics, but I suggest you go and get your money back and report them to your local education authorities for incompetence!

    Wow. Great comeback, repeating my insult back at me like that. Next you'll be telling me my face doesn't understand physics, and then I'll just wither up and die as your epic insult saps my self-esteem straight from my body.


    You might wanna get a psychiatrist looking at that verbal tic you got there.

    However, of the Universe, there is a Part that Exists UNCONDITIONALLY - God - and a Part that exists CONDITINALLY - God's Creation.

    "What's that? Evidence you say? Why, no I don't have any evidence for my rediculous assersions, why would you ask?"

    Why are you using "UCONDITIONAL" /capslock and "CONDITIONAL" /capslock when there's a perfectly good "natural" and "supernatural" lying about? Words have definitions you know.

    What you atheist boneheads are claiming is that there is no UNCONDITIONED Part of Existence. And that is utterly absurd - since the Universe - not merely its material products - exists UNCONDITIONALLY! Is this not so?

    You're just pulling stuff out of your rectal glands now, aren't you? No, the universe doesn't exist supernaturally. But I'll tell you what I'll do: I'll consider your absurd assersion if you can find me some actual evidence for the supernatural (sorry, for the "UNCONDITIONAL" /capslock).

    As for the DEPRESSION of ALL atheists it is a well-known FACT! I mean who would not be DEPRESSED living with the conviction of having NO FUTURE or only severe DEPRESSION and agonising PAIN to look forward to - FOR ETERNITY!

    Oh dear you're right, I don't believe in the rediculous supernatural claims of ancient authors therefore I must also be an emo with no hope or meaning to my life ever. Who apparently believes in living for eternity. Weird. Oh well, guess I better go find a knife and start cutting. And dye my hair black and let my fringe grow out while I'm at it.

    ... oh wait, my mistake, since everything you believe is apparently BULLSH*T and your random capitalisation has no actual basis in reality, I don't actually have to take your word for it and can instead live a happy and fulfilled life without your invisible deity. That's a relief. I'd look terrible with black hair.

    Dude, your "well known FACT" /capslock is disproven by my mere existence. This is usually the point at which a sane person goes "oh, my mistake, sorry for slandering your entire worldview". Of course, from you I'm expecting something more along the lines of "Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!" So good luck with that.

  52. WwowowoowowoowohwhahhahahhahhahahhahhahahHAHAHAAHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!1 I think snaKes can talk and unicorns Existed. You BONEheads! AHHahahahhahahha! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

  53. Hahahahahahahahahah! These atheistic boneheads are trying to make out they know something about the latest and foremost ideas in cosmology and yet are asking me for evidence that Space-Time was created! Hahahahahahahahahah! Didn't you cretins just say something about a Singularity from which the entire universe arose? Has it not occurred to you that Space-Time is part of the universe also? Hahahahahahahahhahah!

  54. Boneheads, Space and Time ARE NOT ETERNAL! Certainly, that is NOT what Big Bang theory postulates! Space-Time can only exist where SEPARATION of some kind exists - spatial or temporal or both. It therefore CANNOT exist in a SINGULARITY where there is NO SEPARATION of ANY kind!

    And, no, I am NOT contending that there is ANYTHING BEFORE the Universe! EVERYTHING is CONTAINED in the true Universe - including Space and Time - and even God! The Universe per se has ALWAYS existed - but NOT always with all the parts that have arisen in it CONDITIONALLY! ONLY ONE PART OF IT has ALWAYS EXISTED and will ALWAYS Exist - UNCONDITIONALLY - God!

    It is not the concept of Unconditionally Existence that you are quarrelling with but rather the fact that I call it "God"! The fact that I say It is Intelligent and has the capacity to Act Spontaneously - Autonomously. For you accept that some ACTION was necessary to produce things that came into being SUBSEQUENTLY! You just don't want to concede that such an Action was engendered by an Intelligent Being. Pray tell then, how does an Action arise Spontaneously and Autonomously if not from out of an Intelligent Being? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! These stupid atheists! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

  55. As for the word "supernatural", whatever are you on about, dolt? What does it even mean? It is NOT a word I EVER employ - since it has NO MEANING to me! Do YOU even know what YOU mean when you use this word - or do you just parrot it because it sounds like something clever to say as you saw it on an atheist website? WHAT do YOU mean when you use it? Pray tell! Or don't you know? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

    I am restricting myself to FACTS and LOGIC alone! You should try doing the same. It saves you from the absurdity of thinking that it makes sense to claim that ANYTHING can just happen FOR NO REASON....! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

  56. Hahahahahahahahahahah! I just KNEW you would not have the gumption to dare to deny the FACT that atheists live a life WITHOUT HOPE - both here and in the Hereafter! You CANNOT trust that tomorrow will come for you! You might even perish FOREVER in the very next moment! And that will be that as far as you are concerned! Now tell me, where can there possibly be room for ANY joy in such a worldview? Hahahahahahahahahahahah!

    You claim that your existence disproves the Existence of the Origin of the Universe. How is that exactly? How does the fact that you exist now prove that the Origin of the Universe does not Exist and has never existed? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah! These crazy atheistic boneheads! Hahahhaahahahahahahahah!

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