New Hitchens debate

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This must be the 5th debate I've fully listened to, but it isn't for substance that I keep coming back to Hitchens. The man, quite simply, is charisma embodied. I just can't quite you, Chris.

I have a feeling that many of you enjoy Chris Hitchens for other reasons- perhaps you think his arguments are sound or something along those lines. I'm offering a challenge. Change my mind about the merits of his arguments by formulating them in some kind of systematic fashion (a numbered syllogism would do just fine) and provide evidence for the important steps. I'll take the top submissions and dedicate a post for each of them to spur discussion.

If you are regulars here, tell your atheist friends that they are welcome to offer their own interpretations of Hitchens's arguments. I'm not doing this to be inflammatory or arrogant, but I really want to know why aside from a masterful, sardonic wit, people think he is a serious threat to the veracity of theistic belief.

Go nuts everyone.
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Michael Martin – Does God Sink or Swim?

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Nietzsche Nails Atheism, Again

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