Charity - Secular Liberals vs. Religious Conservatives

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  1. This is an ad campaign more than any "charity". There are secular charities out there, but unlike xians who seem to feel to crow about their righteousness, we just don't make a big deal of it.

    That, and there's no strings attached with secular charities. No message to listen to, no pressure to convert, etc.

    By the way, what did your "lord" think of people who made a big public show of their goodness or righteousness in the bible?

  2. Not only is the comparison with the London advertisement campaign retarded (it was NEVER supposed to be a charity) but, if you'd read the book, you'd realize that the difference is actually not clear cut at all.

    Both demographic segments give about the same to charity, the difference comes from the church-goers giving to their own church on top of that.
    I would argue that such tithes are not charity gift.

  3. For the heck of it, here's an example of a secular charity group that an atheist is donating time to.

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