Was Timothy McVeigh a Christian Terrorist?

For apparently politically machinational reasons Timothy McVeigh has been in the news as of late.

References to McVeigh reminded me that Dan Barker has posed the following question:

Timothy McVeigh, a God believing Catholic, blew up that Federal building.[1]


Why is no one calling the Oklahoma City bombing suspects “Christian terrorists”?[2]

So, riddle me this; why did the media not refer to Timothy McVeigh, the God believing Catholic, as a “Christian terrorists”?

[1] Stated at 28:58 into audio part 1 into his debate with Peter Payne (part 2 here).
[2] Dan Barker, “Christian Terrorism In Oklahoma City,” Freethought Today, May 1995


  1. A) What are you even getting at here?
    B) Because his motivations were not primarily religious, which would effectively have made him a Christian terrorist, but political. Something about being against the ongoing war in the Middle-East at the time, I believe.

  2. Muslim terrorists terrorize in the name of Allah.

    McVeigh did not shout "Jesus is great!!!" when he blew up the federal building in OKC.

  3. Is too bad and I am sad ,that you all are so uninformed and still believe that Timothy McVeigh is solely guilty for Oklahoma tragedy!Sure he had some problems,but nobody ask why he was executed so soon? The Oklahoma tragedy is a equation not so simple to solve finding a scapegoat.And named him Christian is another mistake!

  4. Timothy Mcveigh was not even a christian at all. He was not a god believing catholic. He was basically an agnostic.

    The answer to the riddle is that he was not a christian at all. The person posing that question is just embarrassingly unable to check his facts.

  5. He was an Atheist/Agnostic who took Last Rites before his death just in case.

  6. Because this is a christian nation. It is assumed people are christian, therefore it is unecessary to mention it. It would be like clarifying that an African was black. We expect that, therefore we only mention when Africans are white.

  7. Well, based on a quick read of the Wikipedia article on T.M. (and that is all the time and effort that I want to spend on the scumbag) it is obvious that his theology was at best confused and inconsistent. It is also pretty obvious that whatever his religious beliefs, they had virtually nothing to do with his heinous act of terrorism.

  8. He was a bad man, simple.

  9. The tragedy is that he was a lost soul, lost for Eternity!

  10. Probably because he was an atheist?

    You assume because he's an American, that automatically makes him a Christian. I laugh at that.

  11. Because McVeigh did what he did for political reasons, not religious. He didn't it in the name of God, he did it in the name of Bill Clinton. Because of actions taken, at both Ruby Ridge and Waco, by the Clinton Administration.
    And let's not slather with a wide brush, here; I am a Christ-believing, God-fearing Christian Tea Party supporter. One of my biggest fears is that Timothy Mcveigh will somehow become the John Brown of the movement.