Dan Barker - Scriptural Misinterpretations and Misapplications, part 1 of 14

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  1. Thank you!!! God Bless You!!! These posts need to be made. I had thought about doing something similar to this post. But I like your work, I'd rather send people to your blog. I'm looking forward to reading the rest pf your posts. You have an awesome blog. You may already know this but James Whites will be debating Dan Barker at the end of April and on his webcast he is documenting some of barker's errors. You can find his webcasts archived at www.aomin.org. Thanks!

  2. I also appreciate your series of articles very much. Atheist bloggers cite Barker and then move on, leaving readers to assume the statements in his "Bible Quiz" are true. I tackled the first of his 50 questions on my blog but will refer readers to your essays for upcoming installments. Thank you for earnestly contending for the faith and refuting the infidels!

    My Barker blog article here: