Capella’s Guide to Atheism

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  1. I live in a conceptual world of paradox: this post is so stupid that to mention the stupidity is to give it more credence than it deserves. I'm speechless.

  2. Just because you have to admit that yet another atheist discredits themselves by demonstrating an utter lack of knowledge of the Bible's contents, concepts and contexts does not mean that you should engage in emotive arguments for embarrassment.


  3. Mariano,

    Thanks for doing an article on my website. I'm very honored.


  4. Mariano.
    I have been reading many of your posts and I respect you for your diligence and research. I would comment that it is easy to pick holes in many attempts to explain the atheist point of view, and the same is also true of the posts by many religious apologists. These rebuttals are interesting but I'm not sure they advance your case much and I wonder why you bother. I should like you to put your evident broad grasp of the material and research to persuading non-believers by the strength of the arguments FOR your view, rather than so often taking a well aimed but futile swipe at atheists - And why single out atheists in particular? Presumably you feel equal antipathy for competing religions? I sense you have more unease about openly criticising other religions? Maybe I've missed something - There is a lot to read in your blog!