American Misosophy - Christian Morality Meets Philosophical Objections

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  1. Christians obsessing about other people's sexual behaviour get huffy with people who don't.

    No news here.

    But what's all that have to do with chimps?

  2. So you are huffy about Christians obsessing about other people's sexual behavior.

    If you are not concerned about other people's sexual behavior then you are astonishingly dangerous.

    Ever heard of rape, pedophilia, incest, etc.?


  3. Bored and perplexed, not huffy. Don't you have something better to do with your time than peep through keyholes?

    Ever heard of rape, pedophilia, incest, etc.?

    Yes, but what has that to do with denying civil rights to homsexuals? The majority of instances of the crimes you list are committed by heterosexuals.

  4. MM

    Why do you even post on here? Its been ages since you posted anything of substance.

  5. Places to go and people to meet, you know, going to and fro in the earth, and walking up and down in it.

    Regardless of however long its been since I've said anything of substance, its been much, much longer since this blog has done anything of substance.

    For all the holier-than-thou blather about wanting to engage others in dialogue, this remains, as religious communications have always tended to do, a write-only medium, and none of it is substantively new. After all, if nothing of substance has happened in two thousand years, then nothing new can be possibly be said.

    So please forgive me when feel no sense of urgency to respond to endless rehashings of the same old same old.