Dan Barker - Scriptural Misinterpretations and Misapplications, part 4 of 14

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  1. like I said, dan barkers book is only for unintelligent Christians and ignorant atheists,your posts prove this, as do the ignroant commnents made by atheists at this blog.

  2. Like I said to certain people. As a Catholic Christian I do not believe in the Koran. It's a false revelation. BUT......

    on Jihad Watch there are a couple of QUOTES from It the webmaster claims authorizes rape. Well I read those quotes & taken at face value they seem to teach that a woman is merely obliged to have sex with her husband whenever he asks. That’s not rape. I’m obliged as a Christian Man by the NT to have sex with my wife when she desires (& vice versa). That doesn’t mean the NT is teaching my wife may rape me.

    Maybe some schools of Islam allow marital rape & maybe none of them do. I need to see better documented evidence. If it's shown conclusively that the Koran DOES NOT authorize rape well guess what? I'll still of the opinion that it is still a false revelation.

    But I WOULD know better than to tell a Muslim I'd be trying to convert "Hey buddy ya know your Koran allows rape". Not so much because I'd fear harm done to me but because it's not true & if I lie to him about his own sacred text which he mistakenly thinks is God's Word why then will he listen to me when I tell him the Truth of Yesua Al Mesin Ibn Allah?

    That is what I don't get about Dan Barker & Dawkins & their FANBOYZ who deathlessly defend them.

    They can't see this is type of ignorance is self-defeating? Naturally the usual suspects might say"Well you Christians tell lies for Jesus!".

    Yes, some misguided Christians do. But I have no fear in saying that is wrong & self-defeating to the cause of Christianity.