Dan Barker - Scriptural Misinterpretations and Misapplications, part 7 of 14

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  1. Mariano where you wrote:

    "Clearly, if we do not choose and pick but consider the greater context of the Torah we know that if it was a clean animal he would have offered it as a burnt-offering and if a human then they would be consecrated to the LORD."

    Where do you get this from? I was just wondering. I got to admit whether or not she was killed as a burnt offering it doesn't change any of your point or conclusions. Jephthah should have kept his mouth shut instead of making vows. God never told him to vow anything like that.

  2. Marcus, J.P Holding has a great exposition concerning Jephthah and his sacrifice. He basically claims that God was perfectly willing to allow him to reneg on his vow. But that Jephthah was to stubborn. http://www.tektonics.org/sacrifice/Jephthahs_pride.html

  3. Oh baloney. JP Holding doesn't have a great exposition of anything.

    You are deluded.