History of Atheism

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  1. I don't think it matters what group you belong to, you'll always get those who will shove their beliefs in your face and down your throat, Atheist and theist a like.
    Pissing people off? I think its a matter of frustration in believing your right in the face of the obvious. I'm an Atheist, I think religious folk are just intimidated because atheist have been quiet for so long and now they have a sound loud logical argumentative voice to back them selves up with, Times have changed. The whole idea of religion is controlling people as a whole. One country under god, slowly losing control of their one umbrella under god and it must intimidate them something chronic!. Religious folk have all ways been defensive and history shows it, Atheist shouldn't follow the same path. I've wondered of the beaten path a bit, so anyway...

    By the way my super power is "Time Travel"

    Pissing people off in general Drunken Atheist.

  2. The first time the word atheist was used, it was by a Christian; perhaps because infidel was reserved for use against people of rival religions and faiths, and of which many christians would gleefully see eliminated. I suppose a description, of some sort was necessary to rationalize the evil perpetrated against those, of their own heritage and land, who believe that supernatural agency is an earmark for ignorance. I do find it interesting and telling however, why this type of identification is even necessary, considering that most people christians believe to be atheists, could care a less. Indeed, most of them, having no belief in astrology, as well as with the existence of a godhead, would be equally unconcerned; the absurdity of being identified as an anti-astrologist, or more succinctly, an aastrologist?, says it all.

  3. It seems most realistic to me that "atheist" is merely a term and not any dogmatic sect. To turn it into something so specific makes such atheists into the very people they claim to be different from.

    When the letter "A" is added to the beginning various terms, such as Asexual, it means to be without. Asexual means to not have a gender definition, just as A-Theist means to not be any part of any Theistic belief or tradition. Not sure how any other definition can be expected of it without it being given to it by the individual.

    As for me, I have no beliefs. I merely have my own perceptions, of which I have no expectation of others to follow. Humans have flaws, and this I accept. I have seen evidence of Astrology being true. But no evidence for truth in the bible. Such are my views.

  4. Dear anonymous, I like what you wrote in first two paragraphs. However
    As for me, I have no beliefs
    wasn't thoroughly thought over, was it?

  5. i think human beings ,in general , know exactly that God is truely exist but the majority of mankind tends to deny His existence just to have as much fun as the life can offer as possible from sex to self-desires to food to fulfill self-intrests without fearing someones watching , and remember God created angels with minds but without sexual desires and He created animals with sexual desires but without minds and He created man with both mind and sexual desires and put man in a harder test than both angels and animals and He gave one choice to man to be either lower than animals or higher than angels .