Atheism Essays Particular to Christopher Hitchens

This post contains hyperlinks to Atheism is Dead’s posts regarding Christopher Hitchens

Atheism - The New (Emergent) Atheists
Part 1: Who Are The New Atheists? and What Are Their Claims?
Part 2: What Is Their Appeal? and What Is The New Atheist Movement?
Part 3: An Atheist New World Order – A One World Atheist Religion
Part 4: Is The New Atheist Movement Dead? and Let Us Heed Their Words

The Quadripartite Equine Riders
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Strident, Arrogant, Vitriolic, and or Shrill?
Part 3: Amazing Perplexity and Anonymous Confession of an Atheist Clergyman
Part 4: Tri-Theism? Nice Try
Part 5: Faith, Evidence and Doubting Thomas and It’s Absolutely Relative
Part 6: On Scientific Authoritarian Faith
Part 7: Cosmology and the Pathetic Bible
Part 8: On Cosmology, Theology and Eternal Regress
Part 9: Dennett the Mesmerist and Atheism is Humbler and Holier Than Thou
Part 10: The Universe is All About Me
Part 11: On Jihad and Abortion

Collision - Christopher Hitchens and Doug Wilson at the Movies

Christopher Hitchens’ Bestiary

Christopher Hitchens – The Atheopic Principle

Atheists: “No God, No Reason, Just Whining”

On the Life of Our Thoughts

The Totalitarian, Dictatorial, Tyrannical Worldview

Christopher Hitchens - Night at the Royal Ontario Museum

Theological Fallacies and Miscomprehensions
Part I: Isaac and Jesus as Sacrifices
Part II: Optional or Imposed Soter?
Part III: We Don’t Want it and God Does Not Either

Atheism and Carl Sagan’s God, part 1 of 2

Forget “Ba Humbug” - Christopher Hitchens Proposes the “To Hell With All That” Amendment

Christopher Hitchens - Suicidal Bombast?

The Challenges
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Is There a Common Misconception Regarding Absolute Moral Claims?

Review of Christopher Hitchens / Alister McGrath Debate

The New Atheists on Francis Collins - Soteriological Chain of Causation

New Hitchens Debate

New Atheism – Further Evidence of Its Deleterious Effects, part 1 of 2

New Atheism – Further Evidence of Its Deleterious Effects, part 2 of 2

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