The New Atheists on Francis Collins - Soteriological Chain of Causation

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  1. This was a very interesting and rather elucidating lecture. But if you try to figure out these chains of causation, what would you find?.. Some kind of subjective experiences, or maybe some definitions made by other based on pure and blind faith?. Do you think Gods existence can be explained by reason and logic?. If not, What do you think it would take to convince an atheist that he’s wrong?.

  2. Hello.
    its just me or i´m being considered belligerent or ex-christian?.. I hope i am misunderstanding the update 5/4/09.
    I a not ex-anything... I could be anything but an atheist.
    GOD bless.

  3. Good post. I just stumbled upon this site while reading up on our new Director of the NIH. You bring up two points beside the causal chains that resonated with me.
    One: The "how could God let my loved one die?" atheist (which doesn't even sound like an atheist to me, btw)SHOULD be mocked for his/her illogic dressed in logic

    Two: The smugness of atheists toward non-believers is unsettling and downright divisive. Whether or not there's a here after, we're all in it together in the here present.

  4. The new atheists forgot to mention that a large chunk of what convinced Francis Collins in his conversion(among other things) was his reading of the book "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis. When Francis Collins tells his story, he mentions that book, at least from what Ive seen. Hearing him talk about it was the reason I read the book. His "waterfall experience" was merely the nail in the coffin, not the whole of his conversion.