From Zeitgeist to Poltergeist, Part 6 of 13

Please note that this essay will now be housed in True Freethinker’s section on Adolf Hitler / Nazism / Communism


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  4. troll alert!

    (but yes, I hate niggers too)

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  8. I don't know who wrote those lies and attributed to me, but I'm praying for you. You are really needing the love of Christ. May He save you and protect you.

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  10. It seems we have an immature 14 year old Atheist troll who keeps posting in other people's names(including yours truly, Like I really hate Jews....ME...Amazing).

    What can I say this is Anonymous' brain on Dawkins.

    The Real BenYachov

  11. Interesting, Atheists like Anonymous are living up to the very stereotype Christians might have of them.

    Such as.

    1. Lying, posting under other people's names to slander them.

    2. Spewing venom rather then using rational argument to make one's point.

    3. Acting like a 14 year old teenager.

    4. I guess as a consequence to denying God Anonymous has no clear moral code & thus no restraint against acting improperly.

    5. Of course what I'm wondering is why some of the regular Atheists I've seen post here are so quite about what Anonymous is doing? You would think they would care if one of their own is making the rest of them look bad?

    I'm starting to wonder is this guy is a follower of PZ Myers or something? It would explain a lot.

    OTOH Anonymous got started because he didn't like Richard Dawkins being exposed as a liar.

    So I guess that unhinged him.

    What can I say that I haven't said before.

    This is your brain on Dawkins.

    I can't imagine Carl Sagan or Smith acting like Anonymous.

    Childish really.

    But I forgive him. He must be really lonely. I have God & my family. He has his obviously erudite whit & sophisticated retorts such as

    "[explicative deleted][explicative deleted][explicative deleted][explicative deleted]" and of course who can forget "[explicative deleted] child molesting [explicative deleted]".What a master of whit. I am very impressed.;-)

    Of course what is really interesting is Anonymous does not believe in God & attacks us for "wasting out time" on religious belief.

    There is no God in his world so this life is all he gets. So why does he want to waste that time here on this blog? Ah the mystery of iniquity....

    Strange fellow.

    Anyway I still forgive you Anonymous.

    -The Real BenYachov

  12. Ben, what makes you think this troll guy is an atheist?

    (I used to be anonymous, but I get mixed up with our little buddy, so I'm Ted)

  13. "What can I say this is Anonymous' brain on Dawkins."Yeah I agree this guy is a bit of a knuckle-head, but it's quite a stretch for you to connect him to Dawkins. Just like it would be unfair of me to connect you to Kent Hovind, or Benny Hinn. In fact I think he suckered you in and you revealed your true colors.

    Hey do me a favor, forgive me too will ya?

  14. Theists as a rule don't refer to belief in God as "defending your imaginary friend"(unlike our troll friend).

    Just as Atheists never warn people they might go to Hell.

    It's not rocket science guy.

  15. It's getting confusing lately, Ben, what are you talking about? Atheists warning people about hell?

    I'm lost guys, totally.

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  17. Gee Anonymous/XAtheistX, you sure put me in my place. I'm underwhelmed.

    I still forgive you.

    The Real BenYachov

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  19. I still forgive you.

    The Real BenYachov

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  21. I still forgive you for your lies & I will keep forgiving you 7 X 70 times & more.

    The Real BenYachov

  22. "The claims of manmade morality generally take two forms: evolution has hard-wired morality into us—this is a mere assertion with absolutely no evidence."

    This is funny! "no evidence???" You must be kidding. Such a bold declaration without any evidence...that would never happen with a theist! I'm shocked.

    Can you sense my sarcasm? : )

    Anyway there is a ton of evidence of innate morality.

    Some examples:

    The scientist Frans de Waal has written several books on the subject about the morality of various animals, especially primates.

    On page 25 of his Primates and Philosophers he says on page 27, "There exists ample evidence of one primate coming to another's aid in a fight, putting an arm around a previous victim of attack, or other emotional responses to the distress of others..."

    "...[T]he screams of a severely punished or rejected infant rhesus monkey will often cause other infants to approach, embrace, mount, or even pile on top of the victim. Thus, the distress of one infant seems to spread to it peers, which then seek contact to soothe their own arousal."

    In an experiment by Masserman et al in 1964 15 rhesus monkeys were trained to get food by pulling chains. Monkeys quickly learned that one chain delivered twice as much food than the other. But then the rules changed. If a monkey pulled the chain associated with the bigger reward, another “bystander” monkey received an electric shock.

    After seeing their fellow monkey get a shock, 10 of the monkeys switched their preferences to the chain associated with the lesser food reward. Two other monkeys stopped pulling either chain preferring to starve rather than see another monkey in pain.

    As early as eighteen months of age, toddlers exhibit a desire to cooperate with those whom they perceive to have suffered in some way. In one experiment, the psychologist Felix Warneken of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology performed a number of tasks, such as stacking books and hanging towels in front of 24 18-month olds, at times struggling to reach the objects to see if it would cause a response from the children. With much consistency, the children offered their help.

    - The Altruistic Species, written by Andrew Michael Flescher & Daniel L. Worthen

    If all animal "morality" or instinct was driven by selfishness why do animals and even very young humans exhibit these selfless tendencies? Nature has designed our sense of goodness and empathy but it's also responsible for our bad selfish side too. But to say that all nature is cruel and selfish is totally wrong. This is just a very very very small part of the evidence.

    I also never lied.

  23. "Yet, at this point we run across a particular atheist fallacy which is to judge all events by appealing to our mere, limited, subjective and biased perspective."

    Something about "judge not"? So, let those criminals go! Were they properly judged? Oh, it's "events" that you do not want to judge? Don't judge hurricanes or Holocausts? No trial at Nuremberg?

    "Another presupposition would be that God “let the Holocaust happen” due to a non-interference with human freewill."

    Seems reasonable to me. And he lets hurricanes happen too. It's almost as though he never wants to interfere with anything. It's almost as though he does not exist. But everyone knows the "power of prayer". So obviously he does exist. Who's confused?

    "Atheism not only does not solve the problem of evil"

    Oh dear. I was not aware that atheism was required to "solve" the "problem" of "evil". I thought policemen and judges would be more effective. That's what I thought they were being paid to do. I certainly was not expecting "God" to solve the problem of evil because I assume that "God" is a delusion.

  24. XAtheistX/Anonymous/Ted

    You really need help. I'll pray for you.

  25. I came on here expecting to see carefully written researched and evidenced articles debated by those of a similar ilk.

    I certainly find the articles fit in with that.

    Sadly the comments do not.

    Just some infantile atheists that shame that side of the argument, lying and personation is what you accuse the theists of, you are utterly pathetic trolls, and let me assure you as you seem to think it is, the net is no defence, you can still be traced by your ip and your actions are illegal.

    Funny isn't it, Dawkins suggested that the truth was more important than happiness, I guess that doesn't apply to you.

    Thanks for this though guys, it certainly makes me more likely to view the theists views positively and the atheist point negatively in future.