The Quadripartite Equine Riders, part 2 of 11

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  1. *yawn*........and 9 more to go????!!

  2. *yawn* indeed, that is exactly how I felt watching these guys trying very hard to appear cleaver.

  3. Y'know I used to think these four men were smart and articulate, but now that you've transcribed all of the "aah"s and "aahm"s in their unrehearsed conversation, it has become clear to me that they are not. Thanks, Mariano!

    And I look forward to reading Vox Day's book, because I expect every sentence to be "a logical, philosophical or scientifically respectable statement".

    Page 2:

    There is simply no more fitting description of the cerebral snake
    oil that Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens are selling to the unwary
    reader—and the media—under the false label of science and reason.
    I am confident that no one, not even the most purely rational, ├╝berskeptical
    agnostic or card-carrying ACLU atheist, will take serious
    exception to my charge by the time they finish this book.

    Calling people snake oil salesmen and daring the reader not to be convinced by the awesomeness of his book looks like a pretty good start. I can't wait to see what's next.

  4. kuhlmann;
    Actually, as I noted in part 1 the transcript is found on Prof. Dawkins’ website.

    As for Vox, he certainly has his own style, shall we say. He does do a good job dissecting studies/stats though.