Forget “Ba Humbug” - Christopher Hitchens Proposes the “To Hell With All That” Amendment

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  1. "You're a mean one Mr. Hitch."

    Definitely, just made my day. Thanks

  2. Listen, how much can you takes seriously from a guy who smokes cigarretes and drinks legendary amounts of alcohol each day? Hitchens is the Christians best friend. He makes it so clear what atheism leads to. He'll find out one day when he's in hell how futile his bullcrap was.

    Was that nicer Mariano?

  3. I'm an atheist - and for the most part I agree with what Hitchens says but I don't particularly like Hitchens. He does demonstrate some verbal wit now and then but for the most part, I find him to be rather bombastic.

    The smoking and the drinking are patently irrelevant - I've known many a devout Christian (a couple of priests included) that chained smoked and drank heavily.