The Quadripartite Equine Riders, part 3 of 11

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  1. My guess as to why the timing of Jerry Falwell's death was "lucky" was that Hitchens' book tour gave him a platform to criticize Falwell while people who invited him to specifically comment on Falwell's death gave him an opportunity to discuss his book, so the book tour and the news event played off of each other to bring more attention to Hitchens' ideas. When you're promoting a book, attention is exactly what you're looking for.

    Now that I explained that, maybe you can explain to me what I should take away from your observation that Sam Harris was able to name only one secular charity.

  2. Can you imagine the outrage from atheists had it been one of these guys who died and a Christian was using their death to promote a book?

  3. Jinx, are you willing to say that the statement, "It is wrong to use someone's death to promote a book" is an absolute moral truth? Or would you say that it depends on who dies and what is said about them?

  4. Kuhlmann;
    I suppose that the slightest note of empathy would be nice. You very nicely explained what amounts to Hitchens standing on the corpse of Falwell in order to make a buck.

    Harris appears to be very impressed by unimpressive.