Atheism Essays Particular to Atheist Bus Ads and Bill Boards

This post contains hyperlinks to Atheism is Dead’s posts regarding atheist bus ads and bill boards:

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The American Humanist Association New Ads, “No God? …No Problem!” Should Read, “No God? …No Business for the AHA!”

God Is Not Probable In Sweden - Gud Finns Nog Inte

Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign

Atheism – Bus Ads Minus One

Dogmatheism – The New York City Atheists Proselytizers

Board to Tears

Atheism Board News

Want a Better World? American Humanist Association Not Required


  1. A quote from Epiphonom (http://bhascience.blogspot.com/

    Regarding a study that throws some light on the reaction of theists to the buss ads.

    There are two lessons here. First, it suggest that theories that religion evolved as a tool to enforce in-group trust may be wrong.

    Second, it suggests that all those bus ads may well be serving a useful function, even if they're unlikely to convert anyone. If they normalise atheism, then they should also help to change the lot of atheists in the USA from social pariahs to trusted community members.

    Read the full article here:

  2. The website quotes that there was no evidence that atheists distrusted the religious is blatantly wrong... Gervais is in la-la-land when there is talk of theists getting sacked in academic/ scientific institutions for insinuating creationism whilsts publishing scientific papers as well as getting their tenureship denied because they challenged materialist dogma in the universities they've worked from. Talk about spin-doctoring