Atheism – Bus Ads Minus One

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  1. Mariano wrote:
    >Note that morality describes what is; whatever people, a society, agree upon while ethics prescribes what should be; the ethos.

    Ah, Mariano, once again you confess yourself to be a moral relativist.

    No, objective morality is the code of conduct needed by rational beings to objectively survive and flourish in a society of other rational beings.

    That is why there is in fact so much commonality among "Confucian morality," "Christian morality," "Moslem morality," etc. All have to deal with the biological fact that the capacity for rational thought is the unique survival niche into which homo sapiens evolved.

    You can’t cheat Mother Evolution, Mariano!


  2. Moreover, “You can be good without God” is an answer to an argument that no one has made, in a manner of speaking.

    You may not have made that argument it responds to, but many theists have. Furthermore, it is an answer to an assumption that you do make. Witness yourself, assuming one cannot be good without your god:

    theists, let us speak of Christians, would argue that people who think themselves to be “without God” are not so, since God still motivates them to do good through having placed His laws in their hearts.

    Assuming you are familiar with basic logical implication (here denoted =>, where "A => B" is equivalent to "(not A) or (B)") and that the truth value of an implication is the same as the truth value of its contrapositive (i.e. "A=>B" is equivalent to "(not B) => (not A)"), this amounts to:

    Translation: "You are good => God is with you"
    Contrapositive: "God isn't with you => you cannot be good"
    Assumption revealed: "You cannot be good without God".

  3. Hey Mariano why do you insist on posting this garbage? Atheists can be moral and these bus ads aren't doing anything to harm the economy! If you're so concerned about the recession why don't you give money to people? But I'm sure you're not either. Hypocrite

    Why don't you do cybder space a favor and suck a bullet out of a gun so people don't have to read your shit.

  4. I wonder, I thought all public bus systems were government run, they fall under the "Department of transportation". So isn't placing an favoring atheism, a violation of the separation of church and state.

    To those that say that atheism is not a religion or a group. Perhaps it is not, but in order to do fair legal analyst against other groups it must be defined as a religion. A similar problem happened in England, where some atheist wanted atheism to be studied in Religious Education. I think they lost, because atheism is not a religion.

    As for morality and atheism, sure atheists can be moral. Morality isn't exclusive to theist. Morality like the author of this article says is determined by society. What is moral is one society is not in another. People are only aware of the morality that they are brought up with or around. Few of us have to deal with conflicts of morality or morality shock (is there such a thing.

    Anyway, I believe that when your morality is defined by society then that can lead to problems. You make up your society, society is like a house, you can leave your house, so therefore you can abandon your morality. Morality and society do not always race along side by side.

    I also believe that morality is useless when it comes to survival. Mortality is useless period, there is no need for morality and it is only needed when used in a society. Between surviving and doing something immoral in an extreme case survival trumps. Morality can easily be set aside.

  5. Man I don't know how many times Marianno has said this but the argument is not that atheists are immoral, but they have NO moral ethos from which to premise that upon. And as Mr. des up there says, morality is useless. Yay atheism?

    Also to the point where Anonymous says you cannot be moral without God. Your lack of theology destroys you again (much like a certain Richard Dawkins) as God is with you always.

    signed "that anonymous troll" ;)