Rise of Atheism in America While the Amish Survive Only By Kidnapping Little Children, part 3 of 4

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  1. Mariano wrote:
    > Yet, it is ONLY parents and other adults who do have “rights” over children. The parent or guardian is legally and morally responsible for the child’s health and safety since they are supposed to be better informed and more able to discern than a child. When I take my children to the playground only I have the right to pick them up, place them into my vehicle, drive away with them and place them into my home. No one else, not even those Amish kidnappers, have that right.

    Yes, and that is part of what is wrong with Humphrey’s perspective.

    But, does it occur to you that pretty much all human societies, including all those non-Christian societies around the world, agree with you and me on this (and not with Humphrey)?

    This isn’t a Christianity vs. atheism issue.

    In fact, there is a very nice atheistic, evolutionary justification for your and my position.

    Our kids share half our genes. From a Darwinian-Dawkinsian “selfish gene” perspective, there is therefore a very good reason for us to care about our own kids.

    There is much less reason, evolutionarily speaking, for anyone to truly care about other people’s kids.

    Evolution is not perfect, it is a jerry-rigged affair, and, accordingly, most parents are far from perfect.

    Nonetheless, to establish as a general rule that people have authority and control over other people’s kids is, evolutionarily speaking, utter insanity.

    It’s actually been tried now and then (vide the early history of some Israeli kibbutzim): needless to say, it failed miserably.

    Yes, Humphrey deserves the spanking you are giving him.

    But, you are going to find few atheists (at least in America) who share his position.