The Good Books?

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  1. Maraino wrote:
    >Are they [New Atheists] bold confronters of religious fanatics or do they prefer taking pop-shots at the Pope, Jerry Falwell, the Bishop of Canterbury and Pat Robertson?

    Hey, Mariano, I *like* the Pope.

    I happened to be visiting family members who are Catholics during the Conclave, so we were all following the events. I made quite clear that Ratzinger was my own choice among the viable candidates (given that they were unlikely to choose Richard Dawkins or Richard Carrier – by the way, you are sadly neglecting Carrier, who is a rather significant “New Atheist”).

    Benny XVI is in many ways a good man – a true lover of peace, and pretty intelligent and well-read as Christians go.

    And, I have never hated even Falwell or Robertson, though they did say so many silly things, it was awfully hard to resist making fun of them.

    Now, the ArchBis. of Canterbury? Isn’t he rather a leftist? Leftist churchmen do rather irritate me.


  2. Dawkins, Harris, all of them, simply confess their ignorance of how the human brain can possibly understand time before time, how something came from nothing, or how there can be no end, no outer limit, to the universe, or universes. The human brain is not up to the task. So, why should we, by default, insert the existence of a personal god as the answer? It makes no sense. No caring, engaged, personal God would have permitted what humans have done and continue to do to one another. God, by default, is not the answer.