Successful Propaganda 101: Appeal to “But the children! Think of the children!”

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  1. You rail against the propaganda being spun about these issues, and then in the very next paragraph you equate atheism with pedophilia! Call the kettle black much?

    Show me a pedophilia haven in the atheist camp that even holds a candle to the one in the Catholic church, or for that matter, even scattered in the other Christian sects across The Unites States, and then you may have a point. Until then, you really should check yourself, because almost all of the pedophiles are religious,(IMO, it is because of the sexual repression found as a servant of gawd) and they are typically protected by the church.

    A little fact checking before generalizing would help your arguments greatly, because to the informed, those kinds of statements invalidate your entire post.

    Of course, if you are not speaking to the informed, and instead to the blindly unreasoning religious masses, then carry on! Everyone already knows, that in order to embrace gawd, no reasoning skills are required, all you need is faith!

  2. Follow the evidence, follow the money, follow the admitted intent—wherever it may lead.

    Based on this methodology, would you agree that the Discovery Institute is not a group trying to do the best science, but is instead a group trying to convert people to Christianity?

  3. Good post.

    I constantly hear the accusation regarding Christian parents 'brainwashing' their children, as if an atheist would / could raise their child in some kind of ideologically sterile environment, free from all subjective worldview bias.

  4. OK.. so you're a liar and a hypocrite, saying untrue things about people who disagree with you.. this is supposed to help God and Christianity how, exactly?

  5. How is teaching a gay child that he is an abomination (as christianity holds) not child abuse?

  6. Lauren, we don't teach that. We teach that all people do abominable things that violate the law of a holy and just God. Homosexual behavior is one of those things. God loves homosexuals just as He loves pedophiles, but He doesn't love homosexual behavior or pedophile behavior.

    Basically, love the sinner, hate the sin.

  7. Bossman, you teach gays that behaving according to their very natures is abominable. So a gay indoctrinated into christianity must either suppress his sexuality, or believe he is doing something abominable.

    No wonder suicide rates are so high among gay teens.