From Zeitgeist to Poltergeist, Part 4 of 13

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  1. “why would anyone go to war for the sake of an absence of belief?”[2]

    This statement is either the greatest scholarly hoax since The Jesus Seminar or the utter bankruptcy of atheism’s arguments.
    This is a perfect, a perfectly disappointing, example of Prof. Richard Dawkins’ conveniently simplistic arguments. He states that no one would go to war for the sake of an absence of belief as if atheism was merely not believing in something, namely God. If someone does not believe in God they must find something with which to replace God.
    A few mistakes here. First of all, your argument (if that's what you think it is) against the quote of Dawkins' is no argument at all. You've proven his point for him! The Communists didn't do what they did because of their lack of belief, but because of their Communist ideology. Second, the fact that people must "find something" to replace god is not really necessary. That's not what happened in Russia anyway. They were trying to implement Marx's ideas and the people didn't want to give up their crops, land, etc. so they forced them to give it all up. Once again, the several European countries (even Japan) have lower rates of theism and their societies are thriving. This series of posts are ridiculous.

    Advice: Read up on Russian and Communism history.

  2. Mariano's points seems lost on you. On a spiritual and psychological level they were trying to replace belief in God with nationalism and a group-centered ideology. The only way you can prove Mariano wrong is to show that either communism and fascim were christian and/or theistic or that their anti-Christianity had nothing to do with their policies and actions. Good luck.

  3. I don't need to do that at all. The entire point - which both of you are missing - is that atheism does not bring on such ideologies. As I said, you do not understand the motivations of the Communists. They were not trying to replace god. They were simply trying to get rid of religion because it kept people from wanting to fight against their oppressors.

    I don't need to prove anything - you need to show how atheism leads to such acts and no one has ever been able to do this.

    It's funny how you act so sure of your claims, but the fact is you don't understand why the Communists did what they did.