The Latest Dawkins Spanking

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  1. More propaganda, eh, boys?

    You should see this video of Dawkins exposing this obvious quote-mine from his debate with John Lennox. What all you retards think is the case isn't actually the case. In the video below, Dawkins plays the entire audio of the debate and he in no way says what's been spread around. It's been taken waaaay out of context.


    The youtube version is down right now so I linked to the copy at Dawkins site.

    Grow up people...Dawkins is still an atheist and I doubt that's going to change. You people are pathetic with your bags of lies.

  2. "Without God and immortality, the case for an objective, transcendent moral order is awfully hard to make."

    Well, practical moral order means you could go to jail if you get caught.

    Crazy Melanie Phillips: Hilarious she said that he said something with absolutely no actual substance of significance.

  3. Can't you find someone with more sense than that Bill Muehlenberg?

    Trying to shoot down an honest, decent person like Dawkins by the use of video quote mining and comments from people like Bill aren't going to help your case.

    Just read through the thread that the above link is from.

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  5. Hero worship??? You've got to be kidding. The audio Dawkins plays of the debate clearly refutes this silly claim of Dawkins being a deist. Either you didn't listen to the video I linked to or you're just a biased idiot and don't understand what you're listening to.

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  7. I know no one said anything about deism; do you even know what a deist is? Dawkins was referring to the fact that a "case" could be made for a god that set everything in motion and set the laws of motion - WHICH IS WHAT A DEISTIC GOD IS (yet said clearly in the debate that he doesn't think that's the case however) - and that's what I was referring to. Unable to refute my argument you create a strawman and expose your ignorance. My point is that it was a quote-mine and I did read the links.

    Then to top off your incredible stupidity, you must insult me. Fuck you, "faith head."


  8. And another thing.

    You people bitch about Dawkins very minor and inconsequential slip up...so what? It was an honest mistake and on his website at the link above he even told some guy to edit out that part of the video. He also apologized. Another redundant smear attempt. That's all you fucking idiots can do because you know you can't beat us on intellectual and factual grounds. Just throw some shit and hope it sticks...


  9. Oh come on you two kiss and make up

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  11. You can't defend the stupidity of this charge so you resort to childish insults.

    The fact is Dawkins made an honest mistake - HONEST being the key word here. While you've got theists, creationists, etc. taking people out of context constantly - even on this very site!!! - and these happen so often it's very unlikely it's by accident, as in Dawkins' case. And you bitch about Dawkins' one little slip up. That's petty and stupid.

    Like I said, all you theists do is attempt to smear and throw shit and hope it sticks. If anyone actually is familiar with with creationist tactics they'll see the ploy for what it is.

    You're a jackass and an idiot.

    This is an example of a theist's brain on... ummmm nothing!

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  13. Oh shut up with your bullshit you dumbass.

    As I already clearly explained, Dawkins did not lie. He made a mistake and apologized for it. That cannot be said for the countless theists who have told bold faced lies and never fessed up about them, and even after being exposed, continue to lie.

    Like I said already, your crap has been exposed so you continue to talk shit even though you're the one looking like an ass. Shut up you complete fool.

    I also never said he was a deist...nor did I say anyone else did. As I already explained I was simply using that word to sum up the designer god that the theists claimed Dawkins' supposedly admitted to. You stupid fuck. Can't you read?!

    Religion is clearly rotting your brain you ass hat.

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  15. LOL Oh wow. You're hilarious. Unable to show any reasoning abilities whatsoever, and unable to twist mine and Dawkins words around again you resort to this crap. Instead of one counter argument that's all you do. Talk shit. I put you in your place, you pussy ass little bitch, and you know it. Go home and take it up the ass, cunt.

    This is funny...

    Instead of Dawkins getting a spanking, it looks like you and the other dipshits at this silly blog were the ones who got spanked.




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  17. I love your name "BenYachov" cause that's all you've "Ben" doing on this site is "Yaching off" no decent arguments, no logic, poor thinking, and it's obvious indoctrinated by others. You suck ballsack when it comes to reason.

    When you've "Ben Yaching off" do you clean up with a sock?

    I think you should spend more time praying, cause at least then you are making absolutely no impact on anything. Prayer is tantamount to taking a nap. While napping you aren't out there molesting kids like the leadership of your cult.

    Have you molested a kid I wonder.

    I'll bet you think about it. You catholic douche.

    I shit in the mouth of the virgin mary by the way, and she likes it. That's my goofy interpretation of your stupid book, and it's as valid as yours you stupid fuck.

    Mary mother full of grace, here is my shit, given for you, eat it you stupid whore.

    That's my eucharist, you like it whore?

  18. Yeah you, bitch.

  19. Yay I'm forgiven! I'm so excited!

    "I forgive you" That's what you guys say to Catholic priests that have been caught molesting little boys before you guy move them to another diocese. Isn't forgiveness fun?

    You're false attempt at condescention with your "forgiveness" bullshit is very transparent.

    Not everyone is as stupid as you, you'd be well advised to understand that.

  20. Ben Yachov has alerted me to the presence of an importer using his made and so I have deleted all of the above fake "BenYachov" comments.