Atheism, the Bible, Rape and EvilBible.com, part 6 of 6

Please note that this series has been republished beginning here.


  1. I just posted another response to evilbible.com; this time on the Top 10 Signs page.


  2. Yay! good for you Rho! You so freaking rock!

    But damn Rho, looks like you are getting your ass handed to you over at your blog. Holy crap, eaten alive.

  3. Actually, I'd say it sucks to be whoever's miffed enough at you to take time out of their busy trolling schedule to even write anything.

    My guess is that their Linkin Park CD ran to the end of the last track, and with a lack of such honest passion (via a major label release) in their earphones, they had to vent their own manufactured angst (via Dawkins and RRS) at someone via a keyboard and a diaper. Besides, the WoW/CS servers were probably down that evening.

    So really, consider yourself honored to have had your internet equivalent of monkeys in a cage pulling a Cal Ripken at you with their chocolate.

  4. Allow me to rephrase the quote from Philip S. Skell (just to tweak it):

    "[Religion/ the Bible] makes humans self-centered and aggressive — except when it makes them altruistic and peaceable.
    Or [religion/ the Bible] produces virile men who eagerly spread their seed — except when it prefers men who are faithful protectors and providers.
    When an explanation is so supple that it can explain any behavior, it is difficult to test it experimentally, much less use it as a catalyst for scientific discovery."

    There. That reads about right.

  5. I see this is from last year, but I just read it. Are these atheists using evolutionary theory to justify their sins? Whether or not they actually fulfill their lustful desires, the fact remains (as with all humans) they are always "driven" to such acts. "With eyes full of adultery, they never stop sinning..." 1Peter 2:14

    Scripture offers the solution in Christ. Those who refuse that solution, that offer to change and become more like Christ, will do anything to justify their constant sinful state.

  6. "Rape played a very beneficial role in evolution."
    beneficial like- dead females after rape, females can't have offspring, rape hardly leads to health child and female don't feed and raise that child. AND AIDS IN RAPIST

    "Rape is perfectly natural." scientists don't have real proofs to say this. In nature rape leads to death, sterility, etc.

    "The males of most species—including humans—are usually more eager to mate than the females, and this enables females to choose among males who are competing with one another for access to them." I'd like to know when he saw or read anything about REAL animals!!!

    "Human rape arises from men’s evolved machinery for obtaining a high number of mates in an environment where females choose mates." What is high number? Promiscuous chimpanzees live in society with 20 members and they still prefer the special one. And females in lower status is forbidden to mate.

  7. This is hilarious... Did you miss all the places in the Bible where it explicitly condones rape? Where it tells the victors that, as long as they are worshipping the right God, they can and SHOULD take captured virgins from pagan peoples and rape them? How about the verses which explain how if a virgin is raped, her father should look to the rapist for monetary compensation... You know: if he doesn't want to just force his daughter to marry the creep.

    Christians, Muslims and Jews, if they are scriptural fundamentalists, have exactly ZERO room to criticize atheists on this matter, particularly when the thinkers in question are just discussing this topic. Unlike Yahweh/God/Allah, Richard Dawkins does not actually order his followers to rape young women for the furtherance of his own glory.