DOGMATHEISM : The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Annie Laurie Gaylor on the Solstice and God’s Un-Evidenced Non-Existence

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  1. This wasn't a discussion. It was a cynical set-up. No wonder atheists so often see no purpose in attempting to seriously debate with those who argue from faith.
    If Annie Laurie Gaylor behaved in the same patronising, dimissive and frankly rude way that Laura Ingraham did in this interview, I suspect that you would heap criticisism on her for covering a weakness in her argument by cheap smear tactics.
    Does anyone buy this Ingraham approach in the US? In the UK I suspect Ingraham would be ridiculed for her lack of intellectual rigour. But I have to say that Gaylor does not score highly in that regard either. Is this the best we can do? Actually no.
    I'm hoping people are not so brainwashed by religion or simplistic atheism that they cannot see this for the travesty that it is.

  2. In America, a land of super bowl Christers, they love someone like Inghram. She's fighting for the sham on the cross. The USA is doomed with a lot of idiotic bible beaters like Sarah Palin being taken seriously. The bible competes with toilet paper for the consumption of trees . We're doomed beliving in that Christer slop!

  3. Great post, Mariano.

    And I must say, you recieved some interesting comments. Simian claims that the disscussion was not serious, yet offers no serious remarks himself. And Anonymous offers nothing but pure atheist paranoia.

    Keep up the good work! ;)

  4. Atheists do not need paranoia:
    Christian sperm swallowers do. Science has been proven right, Evolution is a fact! Time to kill Christian scum myth. Let us start with Mariano who fucks his 300 lb ugly wife!
    She is the prozac queen!

  5. Why do all the atheists who commented here either; a)spam b)insult the author c)insult the argument d) more than one of the above? Seriously, they might as well not come here if they can't logically argue against the article.

  6. I believe in God and love Jesus very much. BUT I also recognize EVERYONE's right to free will and personal choice. I DON'T force my beliefs on others, and I DON'T say UGLY HATEFUL things to ANYONE for ANY REASON. I am scientifically trained and clearly Darwinism an observable scientific phenomenon, but it neither PROVES nor DISPROVES the existence of God. To me, just because we can recognize and scientifically define the way things work does not preclude the fact that God set things up that way. Darwin was simply observing the mark of the Maker's hand. His extrapolations and conclusions were unfounded and merely a personal hypothesis.

  7. I am AMAZED at the lack of humility of the scientific community and the human species in general. Just the notion that we, as mere humans, have the entire world and universe all figured out, and wrapped up in a nice, neat little box, is completely asinine. Sites like these are born out of cynicism, bitterness, and ANGER.

  8. I love all people, regardless of what they believe. I do recognize the POSSIBLE DANGERS of SOME"Churches" with leaders who misinterpret the bible and use their perverted misinterpretations to mislead people, and spread hate and unjustified Judgement of others. God is the ONLY one who can judge others, not me, not you, not the church. NO ONE ON EARTH HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE OTHER PEOPLE'S MORALITY OR BELIEFS, SO LONG AS THEIR BELIEFS/BEHAVIOR DOES NOT DISTURB OR HARM OTHER PEOPLE. It is completely ironic , in my opinion, that _SOME_large organized judgmental Churches are themselves the MOST responsible for sullying the title of "Christain" and perhaps driving the largest number of people away from Jesus who may need him most. I AM A SCIENTIFICALLY-TRAINED (Bachelor's-Computer Science-CalTech), FREE THINKER, AND I LOVE GOD, JESUS, AND MY FELLOW MAN(&WOMAN!). I RESPECT OTHER'S FREE WILL AND DO NOT FORCE MY BELIEFS ON OTHERS, FOR IT IS NO MAN'S PLACE OR RIGHT TO JUDGE OTHERS.

    "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." -Mohandas Gandhi

    I believe in Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour, that is my choice. God gave us free will and I will NEVER force my beliefs on others, nor will I judge them for their beliefs. I would expect the same from others.

  9. "RELIGION" the delusion that you know there IS a god.

  10. The atheists don't claim there is definitely no god. They say there is no _evidence_ for one. They say that there is no more evidence for Jehovah than Zeus. Treating Jehovah or Zeus or Allah as a special case as a definitely existing god, while you reject the rest as absurd, is an accident of birth. I have never seen any evidence myself. I read the bible cover to cover. It is obviously full of mistakes and contractions. It could not possibly be the work of the creator of the universe. Whomever wrote the bible had not a clue how the universe is constructed. Scientists say you don't need a god to explain physics, chemistry or biology, and further they say that explanations that involve a god, don't actually explain anything. They just make things more complicated by adding yet another thing to explain.

    You are fighting straw men.

  11. Nearly all the people who threatened to kill me were Christian and they said they wanted to kill me because god told them too. I am talking about 3000 cranks who have telephoned my over the years. They wanted to kill me because I said publicly that gay people deserved full equality with straight ones.
    It is hard to love crazy people threatening to kill you.