American Atheists National Convention to take place on April…

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  1. "Also, “National Secular Society” this “Secular Coalition for America” that, here a “Free Inquiry” there a “Council for Secular Humanism” and on it goes."

    And in the domain of Christianity we have "Episcopalian" this, "Baptist" that, here a "Mormon" there a "Catholic" and on it goes.

    Obviously, Christians speak with one, solid, united voice, so why can't everyone else, right Mariano?

  2. What species of atheist are you Mr. Secularist?

  3. I suppose most would categorize me as an "agnostic" because I think that there may exist a god, but there is no way of knowing it or proving it. Accordingly, I assume that there is no god. The same rule of thumb applies to Big Foot or to unicorns; they very well may exist somewhere in the world or in the universe, but until they are discovered, they should not be accepted.