“The Wedgie” Document - Eugenie Scott’s Svengalistic School of Evolution

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  1. Sigh. Mariano, didn't you pay attention to what Larry, a fellow Christian, said about evolution? There's too much here for me to tackle, but I have to comment on this:

    Also, it is likely true that “An insight into the early ape-men of East and South Africa is not going to completely change our understanding of Neandertals” since from the first to the current interpretation of the fossils of Neandertals they have been understood to be humans suffering from rickets.

    Beg pardon? Who still says that Neanderthals were "humans suffering from rickets"? Luckily, this myth can be dispensed with very easily: the first draft of the complete genome of Neanderthals has been unveiled, and it shows that humans and Neanderthals, while they share about 99.5% of their genes, had little or no interbreeding after splitting apart about 450,000 years ago. This easily qualifies Neanderthals as a different species from modern humans. And as far as I know, there is no evidence for rickets among Neanderthals- if you know of any, please present it.

    cheers from sunny Vienna, zilch

  2. Mariano,

    After reading your blog for a few days I cannot but conclude that you are too much of an ass-hole. I will not waste my time with you any more.

    May you drown in your bullshit (there is enough of it in a single of your posts).



  3. I, frankly, could not bring myself to read this whole post the stupid just burned too much. First off the characterization of the NCSE is just plan wrong. In fact, the NCSE has been roundly criticized (along with Scott) for being to accommodating of religion. Bloggers like Jerry Coyne have argued that the NCSE should be completely neutral on the subject of the compatibility of science and religion - that the current statements in the NCSE documents go to far in supporting religion.

    That was bad enough but it only showed that Mariano has done his homework (as usual). What really made me stop reading was the statement:

    "Moreover, cell division and thermodynamics has nothing to do with what most atheists mean by “evolution”—at least when they are in anti-theistic activist atheist mode."

    Of course, it has nothing to do with what we mean by 'evolution' - to suggest that Scott was implying that it did is just a mis-reading of her statement. What she was saying, to restate the obvious, is that cell division, thermodynamics and evolution are all sound scientific concepts and that to use the word "believe" for evolution is somewhat incorrect because we don't use that word for the other concepts. (The correctness and usefulness of this admonition is another matter altogether.) So, please at least try to understand what the other guys are saying before upchucking another stupid post.

  4. OOps. I left out the word 'not' - it should read "...Mariano has NOT done his homework..."

    Mea Culpa.

  5. i'm with -get_education-.

    someone forwarded this url to me, but it appears to have been a practical joke. i've been reading through some of your posts and can only say "holy shit."

    it's amazing to me that someone can have such a comprehensive misunderstanding of... well... everything everything he seems to read.

    do your part, friend. help clean the internet (at least a little) by picking up this garbage you seem to have dropped on it. scrap this blogspot url, get your head together, and come back when your observations make logical sense.

  6. "Eugenie Scott is a physical anthropologist and director of the National Center for Science Education, an anti-theism organization dedicated to promoting and defending the teaching of atheism in public schools."

    You are a liar.

    From the NCSE website:

    The National Center for Science Education (NCSE) is a not-for-profit, membership organization providing information and resources for schools, parents and concerned citizens working to keep evolution in public school science education. We educate the press and public about the scientific, educational, and legal aspects of the creation and evolution controversy, and supply needed information and advice to defend good science education at local, state, and national levels. Our 4000 members are scientists, teachers, clergy, and citizens with diverse religious affiliations.

    The membership of the NCSE includes many people of strong religious beliefs. Why is it that almost all creationists I come across find it easy to prevaricate, lie, misrepresent, misquote? They clearly are not following the example of Jesus.

    You liar.

  7. What a load of shit