Atheism Essays Particular to Cliff Walker / Positive Atheism

This post contains hyperlinks to Atheism is Dead’s posts regarding Cliff Walker of Positive Atheism

The Flat Earth Falls Flat

Weak Bible Week Poster
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Quotes to Note
Part 3: Women: Property, Silence, Rape and Booty
Part 4: Children: Beatings, Stubbornness, Mockers and Sacrifice
Part 5: Slavery: Spurns and Property
Part 6: Uncut & Unsubtle: Bikinis, Sweetness, Magic and No Comment
Part 7: Jesus Christ: Peace and Stupidity and In Conclusion

Relative Ethics and Absolute Condemnations
Part 1: Introduction and Absolute Relativism
Part 2: A Quandary? and Arguments from Authority
Part 3: Atrocious Outrage
Part 4: Atrocious Lack of Resistance and Atrocious Slavery
Part 5: Atrocious Genocide
Part 6: Atrocious Human Sacrifice
Part 7: Atrocious Male Chauvinism
Part 8: The Filter of Human Reason
Part 9: In Conclusion and Some Studies Studied

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  1. This is a great site. Ihave been a street preacher for 20 years and still have heard new things so this site will hopefully be useful when I run across something I have never heard before. While I know the site talks of atheists, and countering them, I ran across a cool website countering the bible, many people I run into refuse to believe in the bible and talk of contradictions in it but fail to show me one. I found this website that I would love to see on a link here it is called www.answering-christianity.com you may have to google it, but it is an islamic website that would probably take me years to answer all of their counter biblical arguments, it is a site of christians that turned muslim. I'm not sure who is in charge of this site but it might be worth checking into for apologeticists who love a challenge.
    Thanks for whatyou do
    keep up the good work
    Jason @ jhsif@hotmail.com