Positive Atheism - Cliff Walker : Relative Ethics and Absolute Condemnations, part 7 of 9

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  1. "The Bible states that both men and women were created in God’s image"

    How about Genesis 2 where woman is called "helper" and only male "receives breath of life" (which was the base of lower status of women throughout the ages)

    "Jesus had male and female disciples (Luke 8:1-3, 15:40)"

    This is especially funny: Luke 8:2 "and also some women who had been cured of evil spirit and diseases..." 2nd point: first 12 (or even 13) were male.

    "Women taught the younger women (Titus 2:3-4)"

    I'll be an a-hole and ask: why not teach men?

    Titus 2:4 is almost offensive to women ("subject to their husbands" etc.) Try to say to your mother-in-law and see what happens.

  2. This is but another example of how the Bible is just a collection of disparate points of views, motivations and statements. Are women equal or subservient? The Bible can support either view, just pick whichever one like - then label the opposing view as heresy.