Atheism and the Cosmic Insignificance of Humanity and Everything

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  1. How is man viewed today even by the most militant atheist? As the bio-organism who has dominion over the Earth, as the animal who has the ability to affect, for benefit or ill, the entire planet.

    With which part of this do you disagree? That we are animals? That we have the ability to affect the entire planet with, say, nuclear weapons?

    Moreover, atheism views humanity as the very height of evolution’s achievements—higher than the angels.

    What? Humanity is not the height of evolution's achievements. All organisms are equally evolved in the sense that they have evolved for the same amount of time. There are lifeforms that run faster, see farther, hear better, and live longer than us. Most humans (other than the severly mentally handicapped) do have better problem-solving and planning abilities (amonst others) than any other species on the planet.

    Atheism is the consoling delusion that in the unobserved past life came from non-life.

    What's consoling about that?

  2. What's consoling about that?

    Mariano enjoys the consoling delusion that "Atheism is a consoling delusion".