Sam Harris and Bertrand Russell: The Dynamic Duo of Demonstrably Deleterious Delusion

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  1. I'm skeptical of the claim "The Spaniards in Mexico and Peru used to baptize Indian infants and then immediately dash their brains out: by this means they secured these infants went to Heaven."

    Saint Augustine said if a private individual where to take it upon himself to kill an evil doer he would be counted a murderer for daring to userp that which belongs to God alone.

    That is for killing a bad person. Why would the Spanards do this? Granted they where brutal but come on. I suspect this is merely a modern version of the English Black Legend.


  2. mariano: to save yourself from the accusation of quote-mining and misrepresentation (although it's already too late), why don't you do us the favor of citing also the paragraph directly following Russel's quote on page 78 in The End of Faith?

    Aside from that....you wrote:

    "Christianity consists of absolute morals but atheism is amoral. Note that I am not stating that it is immoral but amoral—not necessary breaking morals but lacking them. Individual atheists may take it upon themselves to condemn such actions but they cannot offer any absolute standards for doing so "

    Mariano, it is only in the theist's confused mind that moral judgments have to be imagined to be "absolute". That fictitious requirement comes from your archaic prescientific mythology, and there's ample evidence that it simply isn't true. You're basing your worldview ("Christianity consists of absolute morals") on a pipe dream which has no correspondence with reality. If you could actually show that it was true, oh boy, you wouldn't be beating about the bush with nothing but Bible verses to support you. Spouting this type of reality-divorced propaganda is what you prioritize above actually communicating with those you are attacking. You have been offered elucidation a hundred times, and you simply ignore it every time.

    You wrote in another thread:

    "I truly appreciate your readership and comments but I do want to thanks also for showing me why spending lots of time in the comments section is a waste of my precious time."

    Your lofty conceit simply knows no bounds, Mariano.

    You're the principal author on an anti-atheism blog, yet you keep demonstrating over and over again that you don't even understand the subject matter, atheism, whereon you are pontificating. What would a normal person with a modicum of integrity and self-respect do in that situation? They would listen to their audience and try to learn something. But you decided long ago that you have nothing to learn from your audience, who have put in many many hours of long and thoughtful replies to many serious topics here in the past.

    You have turned this blog into a playground for your bloated ego, placing yourself above the readership that is supposedly the target of your discourse. Why do you think so many highly intelligent people lately have walked off in disgust and decided not to bother with this site anymore? (I've walked off several times and I'm still here; guess I'm not that intelligent).

  3. Well, Mariano does keep the donut cart loaded. Loaded with donuts.
    You'd never see an atheist keep a donut cart full. They try, but their donuts are relative and temporary.
    Worse, atheist coffee has lumps in it. Lumps that they cannot explain*.
    And that, adonais, is why Atheism is Dead.

    *Hint: it's because they lack the godly filter of a biblical worldview. When a person mentions the Golden Rule, it's only the culmination of millions of years of the evolution of a fairly social branch of mammals with big brains and thumb and, therefore, meaningless, but when Jesus co-opts it or Paul gives God credit for it, it means something. The secret, you see is giving God credit for it. He's in it for the kudos. That's why He goes out of His way to make it appear like He's not involved in pretty much anything.

  4. Oh well. Elide over it as you will, the original "thou shalt not kill" was never intended to be applied globally. In the context of clearing up a case of Mosaic, or perhaps Godly, "mental reservation", the unspoken tag is "Other Jews." Philistines, Egyptians, Canaanites, and other idolatrous scum, etc, etc, may be killed with impunity. "In fact," God said, "I'll gleefully help."