Atheism and Meaning and Purpose

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  1. "However, since meaning is a concept that exists within a mind—either ours (which I do not accept but would be willing to entertain) or that of others—once the mind ceases to function the meaning ceases and so we see that ultimately everything is meaningless once the fa├žade, or consoling delusion, of meaning-ettes are exposed for what they are—nothing. Nothing, perhaps, but a fleeting bio-chemical reaction within the mind of a fleeting bio-organism."

    So was the ejaculation that brought you into existence, you know. And pretty fleeting that was, too.

    But no, I suppose you want to say those particular biochemical processes, that was part of God's plan, and consequently an embodiment of meaningfulness. Not just mere meaningless biochemistry.

    But your dichotomy is false. The meaning of a person exists both in the mind of the person and in the mind of others. We don't need imaginary supervisors for making meaningful lives.

    Oh sorry - in your definition, meaning has to be infinite in order to truly be "meaning." Well you got me there, what an impeccable argument.

  2. Adonis: And that's why God has to exist, 'cause otherwise we'd be, like, temporary. You know, like everything else. Like the common animals. How gauche.

  3. Wups. I forgot a letter in your name. I'll put an extra one in next time to make up for it.

  4. In trying to read this, it's become clear that while I probably know what you mean by 'purpose', I really don't know what you mean by 'meaning'. What you've said is a start, but (as you can see from my post here) it's not enough for me to reliably match up my concepts with the words you're using.

  5. Does atheism have a meaning? Sure; ask Hitler. Or any school shooter.

  6. strange, coming from a mindset where meaning is derived from what might be (the fact that you believe it to be true doesn't make it so), I think you draw meaning from the fact that after death you will have a better life, which says a lot about your existence in the present

  7. Ditto what other people said.
    You must never have even heard of existentialism.

    But my favorite what Modusoperandi's....
    "Adonis: And that's why God has to exist, 'cause otherwise we'd be, like, temporary. You know, like everything else. Like the common animals. How gauche."

    I think you are just engaging in wishful thinking... "I don't want life to be temporary, I don't want to be finite, THEREFORE, Christianity!"

    What you've missed in the process is how you demonstrate that all phenomena are NOT temporary, and how our lives and minds are NOT finite....

    I'll conclude with "existence precedes essence."