Quentin Smith - The Gratuitous Fallacy, part IV of V

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  1. Thank you. Most atheists will still say that God should have given us paradise now, but there will be the odd one who will get it. God Bless.

  2. Well, you can thank God that God didn't give your child cancer. That's a littler tougher to hug away than a bruise.

  3. You had to allow some harm (not really an evil) to befall your son in order to prevent a greater harm from happening. Why didn't you just prevent the greater harm in the first place or find a non-harmful way to prevent it? Simple: you are not omnipotent (nor any of the other omnis.) That is the key point to the problem of evil: if some deity exists and there is this type of harm going on in the world then that god does not have all those omni-properties we have been talking about. THAT god does not exist. But that should be quite all right with theists because. there are plenty of other gods on the shelf that would fit the description.