Quentin Smith - The Gratuitous Fallacy, part III of V

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  1. Let us pause here in order to mention that the Bible states that ...
    OK. But, do you have any evidence that what the Bible states has any relevance to the real world? The House at Pooh Corner makes claims about the world too, why are you not quoting it instead of the Bible?

    ...God did create a perfectly good world and it was one in which the free will to do evil was allowed and yet this is not the end of the story but beginning of the story of redemption back to a perfectly good world.
    Let us consider the fact that there is evil in the world and note that:
    If there is free will: evil is inevitable.
    If there is no free will: evil is inevitable.
    Therefore, evil is inevitable.

    In other words, your god created an evil world. That you choose to believe, without any evidence that I can see, that redemption is eventually possible doesn't mitigate the fact that everybody born, none of whom consented to the ordeal, must necessarily first be tormented for some varying period of time before they are allowed a chance to escape. And all of that has been engineered on purpose by your "good" god!?!?

    In what possible way is that dismal vision a good thing? If Walt Disney designed Adventure Land on those principles he'd have been reviled as a beast.