The New Scarlet Letter: “A” for Abstinence

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  1. I imagine people take your knowledge of science as seriously as kids take abstinence education.

  2. Mariano:

    I am exceedingly curious: if teenage sex leads to all these horrible things, then why is it that in other countries where teenagers have more sex at an earlier age, they have fewer of these problems?

    Also, note that the reason teen sex is associated with "other risky behaviors" is simply because of the traditional view of sex as a risky behavior in this society. That is, since things seen as "risky" are typically associated with other "risky" things, sex will follow that pattern. Some young person who rebels against the system and engages in sex will likely carry that rebelliousness to other areas and do drugs or alcohol, for example.

    However, if sex was not derided as particularly "risky" in the culture then it would likely not correlate with those things. In many western European countries, for example, sex is not seen in that way, and, sure enough, teen sex does not correlate with those other social maladies nearly to the same degree.

  3. This is hilarious, sec 10. Mariano provides documentation for his claims, and you present unbacked assertions. Where is your proof that there are fewer problems in countries where young people have more sex? Have you been to Africa? Can you say, "AIDS epidemic?"

    I love pointing out the intellectual dishonesty of you guys.

  4. Bossmanham:
    "Mariano provides documentation for his claims, and you present unbacked assertions."

    Sigh. I don't know if you realize this, but Mariano has a whole blog to himself, and I have a little space to comment. I can't exactly launch into a fully-sourced counter-essay.

    I didn't mean that ALL countries where teens have more sex have fewer problems. Rather, that there are many countries where teens have more sex and there are fewer problems. Specifically I am of course thinking of western Europe--look it up.

    It makes little sense to compare the US to African countries because one is a developed, industrialized country and the other is not. One must compare like with like. But then, if you are "intellectually honest" I guess you knew that?

  5. The problem with abstinence only is that it encourages children to not have sex until marriage. This is extremey unrealistic. But, most importantly, abstinence only education does not inform teens about protection and STDs, instead, they focus on fear and the errancy of different methods of birth control. So, while virginity pledges may or may not stave off sexual activity for slightly longer(I've seen studies leaning both ways), those who have abstinenece only education are more likely than their better informed peers to get pregnant or get STDs because they are less likely to use any form of protection when they engage in sexual activity.

  6. Breaking News, Angry Liberals here to swamp Mariano because his point of view isn't the same as theirs.