ExChristian.Net Further Discredits Itself

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  1. Maybe you are just banned on the bibles to Haiti subject. After all, that is an indefensible act of self serving sanctimony that has no place in a rescue operation.

    Try to convert them later, when they are recovering from losing limbs in the tragedy. At least that way, they can't flee the proselytizing, and you will not be displacing doctors, and medical supplies with your "good news".

  2. If your really just taking a shot at some Bibles that were sent after there have been 1000s of volunteers coming in from all over and a great majority of them Christians (I know some) I really think that its just trying to find a case in which you can attempt to smear Christianity.

    So that is just slightly juvenile.

  3. He's right. Most of the people in Haiti are Christians. My wife is from Haiti and her family are all Christians. When you listen to the survivors they are praising God and crediting Jesus for salvation. Rex obviously knows nothing about Haiti.

  4. Actually I was just wondering if its even worth mentioning the Bibles to Haiti. It just seems as though people are concentrating on one little thing verses an overwhelming ammount of good.

  5. "praising God and crediting Jesus for salvation"?

    Wonder who they think sent/allowed the earthquake in the first place, for those of them who believe in God?

    I think that Rex has the point here.

  6. Reynold

    I'm not sure how youd like to ask who "sent/allowed the earthquake in the first place". No one sends an earthquake. Its an act of nature. Not much you or I can do about it. Though according to Hugo Chavez it was an "earthquake machine" made by the US, so that could be a lead.

    Sarcasm aside though unless you actually buy into Pat Robertsons phoney claims then there is no precedent to say "Goddidit" instead of the fact that it was just a massive earthquake.

  7. Is not your God, if he exists, in control of everything?

    To say that it's just nature is the atheist view of things. So I say again: if the people in Haiti who believe in gods are thanking him for their "salvation", why are they not asking why god sent/allowed the earthquake in the first place?

    Or is their view of God one who isn't in complete control of things?

    Besides, does not even your own bible say that he sends evil occurances as well as good?

    I like the idiotic explanation for such things given there.

  8. I forgot to mention why I liked what that guy said: He outright says that the devil can't do anything to anyone without god's permission.

    In other words, absolutely everything bad that happens in this world, especially things in nature as happened in Job, can be laid ultimately, at the feet of your "good" god.