One Century After Her Birth, Mother Teresa is Still Inspiring…Vile Hatred

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  1. Okay, how about this: I am an atheist, and I don't want any part of my government to recognize any part of any religion. A Mother Teresa stamp is on my list of banned activities. Honor her for her great works in your churches she was the ultimate church lady, and church is where she should be recognized. I object to the government doing it. I would object in the same way if they wanted to make a stamp that features Pat Robertson, or Rick Warren, or Oral Roberts, or any of the Ayatollahs.

    Your god or gods or fairy tales or unicorns or your devils have no place in OUR government.

  2. Way to go Dan "Don't quote me" Barker, et al.

  3. Im not the biggest on American centrism, but I'd really object to Mother Teresa being on a US postal service issued stamp because she was not American, not because she was religious. Being on a postage stamp is somewhat of an honor, and I much prefer that the US postal system honor its own people. The USPS wouldn't be honoring foreign kings or generals on stamps, i dont see why we should honor a foreign aid worker. Keep our stamps our stamps. I mean, this is really minor regardless.

  4. If Mother Teresa can't be on a stamp because she was a nun and not an American citizen, I've got to ask why Santa Claus being on a postage stamp is okay. He wasn't an American. And Saint Nicholas was a real person. Sounds like the same objections to Mother Teresa being on a stamp are the same for Santa Claus. Therefore, I see no reason for Mother Teresa to not be on a postage stamp. Proof

  5. Where in my post did I say a single thing about it being okay to have Santa Claus on a stamp?

  6. I think Ozzy Osbourne should be on the stamp for his work eliminating bat viruses.
    Hang on hes a devil worshipper which is a kind of religious affiliation isnt it??
    FFRF are pathetic

  7. Some people need to stop reacting emotionally and inform themselves on the issued about which they comment.

    No part of the gov at all?
    Not even the part that was established (the whole thing, actually) on the premise of having our independence declared via reference to our “Creator…nature’s God” who gave us rights which then the gov is established to protect? (such as your right to comment as you please).
    Perhaps I will argue that your uncaused first cause eternal matter universe, life from non-life, un-evidenced atheism, morals from bands of apes and majority rule have no place in OUR gov. Yet, as a US citizen and a Judeo-Christian I am far too tolerant.

    Eternal Critic,
    Bill Clinton made her an honorary US citizen.


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