The Mad Pagan Skeptic, part 3

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  1. Atheism discredits condemnation because all atheistic condemnation is based upon impotent personal preferences and thus carry no transcendent weight nor justice.

    Why must something be transcendent to carry weight? Transcendent justice is too abstract to have any significance to my life. I want to see real bad guys put in real jails and real honest people receive real rewards. I dare you to break man's law to test its potency. Take your head out of the clouds, look around you, and recognize that the moral preferences of your fellow man matter. Human declarations of condemnation break down walls, end tyrannical regimes, and bring peace in times of war. To claim that your preferences are backed by your god adds no potency except pats on the back from those who already agree with you. If you want your moral preferences to be taken seriously, defend them with reasons not vacuous authority.

    Condemnation discredits atheism because it demonstrates that the atheist is appealing to the transcendent.

    Your narrow mind can only comprehend morality as interpreted objectively. Consider that expressions of condemnation may not be objective truth claims. Perhaps they are forceful statements of subjective moral preferences, meant to appeal to our common moral sense. To require every atheist to tack on "to me" to every moral statement is ridiculous. Maybe the next time you say, "Mmmm, this ice cream tastes good.", I'll declare that you've proven the objectivity of taste preference because you didn't add "to me" at the end.

  2. Dear Tired,

    Please define 'bad.'