The God I Don’t Understand: Reflection on Tough Questions of Faith

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  1. Interesting Article to read That Chris Wright encourages us to face up to the limitations of our understanding and to acknowledge the pain and grief they can often cause.

  2. God cannot be understood, because there is nothing to understand about it. Considering that we have zero information about a thing, that thing might as well not even exist for us -- the fact that some claim to be aware of unknowable things points to the origin of these thing -- the origin not being based in any sort of reality.
    The Atheist Perspective

    1. In my online discussion with atheists they used to use science to say that God does not exist however when presented with the latest discovery of science they seemed to have no more wind in their sales.
      Big Bang Theory Busted
      By 33 Top Scientists
      Higgs data could spell trouble for leading Big Bang theory
      the latest results about the Higgs field coming from CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) near Geneva. Particle physicists working at the LHC have calculated that the Higgs field is likely to have started out in a high-energy, ‘metastable’ state rather than in a stable, low-energy configuration3.
      In addition to this Steven Hawking said “we have no way of knowing what was BEFORE the big bang theory” I then asked the atheists to prove that God does not exist to which they could not answer.