Darwin’s Dilemma of Suppressing Opposing Views by Means of Unnatural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Theories in the Struggle for Life

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  1. Them basturds surpressed my video too. It was called Spontaneous Combuxtion: What the Gubmint Don't Want you to Know. The way I figure, if you make a sciencey video, you should be aloud to show it at the science center. That's why it's called a science center. If they don't let you, it's censorship. A conspiracy, I tell ya. C-O-N-spiracy.

  2. Why are they so scared of showing this video if naturalistic evolution is so fool proof?

  3. While I don't find the Discovery Institute to be particularly honest or its claims credible, if suppression actually did take place, I would be upset too (and I'm a "Darwinist")