About.com, Austin Cline, Adolf Hitler and the Continued Promulgation of Nazi Propaganda, part 3

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  1. Why not try to find a place where Hitler said "there is no God and that is why I am doing all this 'evil'" rather than tiptoeing around his actual words about his belief in God.

  2. Ah, sharp little Anon. Looks like someone forgot to read those OSS/Nuremberg papers several posts back. You know, the ones with that special bedtime-story title: The Nazi Master Plan: The Persecution of the Christian Churches.

    (And now, with a special K-12 reader, with pop-ups: The Nazi's Persecution of Religion as a War Crime: The OSS's Response Within the Nuremberg Trials Process.)

    If that's too much to take in before nappy time, we could always just directly quote Darwin. 'Twas Hitler's favorite midnight read, after all. (Uncle Joe's too!, that rascally man of steel.)