Is Dan Barker Self Loathing?, part 1 of 2

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  1. The UU is one of the most rigidly dogmatic churches. They welcoming people of all faiths as long as those faiths are watered down to a level which the UU finds acceptable

    Oh man what a great quote. I'm posting this on my Facebook status.

  2. I guess if it's "rigidly dogmatic" to believe that the only fruit in the garden that is, in the final analysis, truly forbidden, it's the one of Absolute Knowledge -- then I guess we UU's are guilty as charged. Dogma-driven pretense--the assumption of having "all the answers" or the right to serve as "gatekeepers" of truth and the judgment of all who may disagree -- is the very opposite of the highest impulses of religion...and, I think, the root of all evil.