Inhumane Humanism – Atheist Propaganda Thinly Disguised, part 1

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  1. I'm sorry, but all I'm reading here is that Markarios is annoyed that others reject his claims. There's no apparent argument that atheists are propagandizing, nor is there any serious critique of the idea that people can be good without God.

    Assemble a bunch of opinions, redefine "brain-washing" to support your argument, complain that atheists borrow from your world view (a laughable suggestion), and conclude that your faith in your religion and in your understanding of people in general is correct.

    I'm sorry, but this essay is an exercise in mental masturbation...

  2. Borrowing from christianity? You say that like it's a bad thing. Notice that the parts claimed to be borrowed are those found in most other religions? How is it that christianity is the plagarised target here? Indeed, surely one could take this as a validation, that inquiring minds have recognised the value of philosophies included in some christian gospels. Just because we choose to not swallow it wholesale and encourage others to teach their children the need for actual thought, you label it propaganda! Forever is condemnation the only tool of small minded zealots.

    In any case, it's worth considering that most of christianity is, in fact, borrowed or, dare I say evolved from earlier religions; including direct lineage from Judaism, as well as adoption of virtually every festival from pre-christian Europe. Somehow you missed those examples when chastising secular humanism for plagarism.

  3. //"...atheists borrow from your world view (a laughable suggestion)..."//

    Come, come, even Dawkins admits to being a cultural Christian. Would you deny that a woman gave birth to you as well????

  4. including direct lineage from Judaism

    Something gladly embraced and known by Christians. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the God of the universe.

    as well as adoption of virtually every festival from pre-christian Europe

    Oh big deal. Christians set up competing celebrations to honor God and take away from the worship of the sun.

  5. Whateverman said...
    "...atheists borrow from your world view (a laughable suggestion)..."

    Quintessential responded:
    Come, come, even Dawkins admits to being a cultural Christian. Would you deny that a woman gave birth to you as well????

    Is this tongue-in-cheek? i can't tell. For the sake of discussion, I'll assume you're serious:

    The notion/value/ethic we refer to as murder predates Christianity by thousands of years. As AwareOfHistory mentioned, Christianity itself can justifiably be accused of borrowing from previous world views.

  6. To the atheist Chaplin:
    How about you allow use to raise our children the way we see fit according to our personal beliefs, and we allow you to raise your children the way you see fit according to your personal beliefs.

    And how about we allow you to be good without belief in God, and you allow us to be intelligent with belief in God?


  7. I will keep providing the evidence and refuting the arguments; atheists are free to deny the evidence and continue protecting their atheist-celeb-heroes as much as they want--we can see right through you.


  8. The only thing to be seen is that your bigotry resulted in a growing movement of self-described atheists fighting back. Blame them for world wars, the fal of western civilization, crime rates, drug use and all that good stuff, and eventually they're gonna stand up and flip you the bird.

    Which is exactly what they're doing. Atheism use to be a mere lack of belief in god(s). Since Christianity seems unable to accept that people might logically reject it, it's demonized them to the point where they're now fighting back.

    Your righteous indignation is comical at best.