False Teachers Reveal the Truth

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  1. well, I like to think I'm a fair guy (or at least, I try to be). So kudos to you for turning a critical eye onto your own community.

    I'd like to point something out, however. You wrote the following: Simply stated; these are people who are out to purposefully deceive."

    The problem, apparent only to those with less-than-certain faith in the Bible, is that those who claim to speak the truth according to scripture appear indistinguishable from those who seek to deceive (as you put it). I'm sure you've got a way to figure out the difference between the two, but I don't.

    This is the main reason why I tend to trust people willing to say "I think" rather than "I know". Both groups may have deceivers, but at the very least, the former appears willing to consider that he/she may not have an infallible understanding.

    You probably use different criteria. Can you explain how to easily distinguish between truth & deception when it comes to Christian ideas?

  2. Actually, I'd say most of the faith healers are not true Christians.

    Can you explain how to easily distinguish between truth & deception when it comes to Christian ideas?

    Compare their teachings to the Bible. Learn to read the Bible with a good hermeneutic. Keep passages in their context. Most of the proof texts used by the word-faith community are ripped violently out of context.

  3. Whateverman,
    Thanks for the question/comment.

    I am afraid that I do not understand the question as there is no difference in distinguishing between truth & deception when it comes to Christian ideas or any other ideas of the philosophic nature.


  4. I think Mariano is right. Brennon has makes the point that you know the truth by testing it. That is how you know the truth of anything. You weigh it against the evidence...in this case the Bible.

  5. Hi WEM - Long time.

    As Mariano stated:
    "Then you are either learned enough, or are lead by the Holy Spirit, to discerning them or you might just get caught up in the excitement of it all."

    You seem to state that for those who don't have faith in the Bible it seems impossible to distinguish from those who seek to deceive and those who don't.

    Whether you believe the Bible or not is really irrelevant to noting that the Bible is the final authority for Christianity. Therefore you have the same methods at your disposal as do Christians to figure out those who are genuine and those who aren't.

    I'm sure you'd agree that just because someone claims to be something, doesn't necessarily mean it's true.