Connecting the Dots - Atheist Bus Ads and the Stated Intentions Behind the Propaganda

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  1. Dude! Paranoia may destroy ya! (the Kinks!)

    Seriously, you need to take off your bible colored glasses and step back and impartially analyze this post. As I read it, I see comments from others that make sense and are logical, and your responses are all fear and paranoia driven. If that is the best that the gawd team can do, then we, the godless, will win the debate easily while we are simultaneously planning the next move.

    I know, read the bible for debate and writing tips! Maybe you could pray about it some too. I am sure that if you do your homework in this way, armed with the power of gawd, all of your opponents will be miraculously vanquished! (sarcasm / off)

    Think about this: Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean that they aren't out to get you!

  2. "These religions themselves are not based on anything but the attempt to bring communities together under a set of laws."

    And that's bad because...? Last time I check, this country is under a set of laws, albeit secular laws. The only reason you would be against said laws is if you simply did not like them.

    "That religious faith still exists to this day is a sad reflection of humanity's unwillingness to step into the light by themselves."

    That religious faith still exists to this day is a reflection that it is a part of our human nautre, and therefore cannot be eradicated no matter how much "light" you shed on it.

  3. "These, again, are mere examples of quite a few pages worth of illogicality and the promulgation of misconceptions that I could provide."
    Dude, that's the buy-bull!

  4. "Passion, abolish, combat, keep children atheists, to spare the planet; this is pure militancy."

    Pot, meet Kettle...

  5. Kettle, meet fire.

    So, erudite atheist commentators: I suppose the Jews who left Germany before the Hitler bbq party started were "paranoid" as well. By your 'rebel-without-an-education' estimations, of course...

    Think about this: Just because you don't believe in a Jewish Messiah doesn't necessarily mean that you're a Nazi - there's plenty of room for other political persuasions to be christophobes as well!