Arbeit Macht Frei - Auschwitz

I actually did not want to say much about this as some of my relatives were murdered in the Holocaust and I am repulsed, to say the very least.

Someone has stolen the sign from the Auschwitz death camp which adorned, if it may be referred to as such, the entrance.

The sign read "Arbeit Macht Frei"--"Work Will Set You Free."

Who knows what the story behind this theft will turn out to be but it got me thinking:Why did the Christian Nazis and the Christian Adolf Hitler not know to actually quote the Bible upon which their movement was based and state (refutation of such assertions here),
"The truth shall set you free"?


  1. I'm glad you commented on this. Thank you.

  2. Perhaps because it was an unconscious reaffirmation that the Nazis had no care for the Truth. Sort of like Pilatus hanging "Rex Iudaeorum" from the cross - or Pharaoh urging the Jews to fulfill larger quotas while denying them the basic materials to do the job with.

    Those who hate God - whether the Pharaohs or the SS - tend to practice a special sort of sadism. The Germans (and others of Old World Europe) had this honed to a fine point over the years - from crude cartoons of rabbis suckling swine to pogroms sparked over charges of Jewish blood libel. Ultimately onto "showers".

    ...Unfortunately, those who love sadism also love to spread it to others most times - and almost always with a distinct M.O. that it tries to disguise itself under the veneer of God. (i.e., antisemitism under Luther, Lueger, etc; Gott mit uns still retained on the German army's beltbuckle during WWII; a crooked cross for the national symbol; talk of Germany as "the chosen people" under a Darwinian/pagan eschatology of sorts, etc.)

    Is it any wonder that sadism is so phonetically similar to satan? Seems like its (satan's) gameplan to drag His (God's) name through the mud as much as it possibly can, while it can, before its time is up.

    Atheist assertions (here and elsewhere) over whether Hitler and the NSDAP were consistently Christian as opposed to consistently (and clearly) Darwinian pagans is (at least in talk only, thankfully ) a continuation of that mud dragging, in my opinion.

    Anyhow... maybe it's a good show of humility that the resident atheist firebrands haven't graced this post with reiterations of those charges. Perhaps there is hope yet, sir; perhaps there is hope yet...