The Wedgie Document - PZ Myers Weaves Bizarre Defense of Militant Atheism

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  1. Okay, how about this perspective:

    There are several “schisms” in the atheist effort. One group is apathetic. One group disagrees agreeably. One group is sad that modern people continue to ignore reality and believe in imaginary friends. One group recognizes that religion was a soothing and useful crutch to help explain why the sun comes up every day, but is no longer applicable or useful. And one group rails endlessly and at a high volume that religion is a blight on modern society because of all of the hate and suffering that it continues to cause. This last group vows to never rest until all irrational (those with no evidence) beliefs are eradicated from the planet. These are all “schisms”, and there is endless comingling, and shading of these and similar concepts between different atheists.

    The common factor is a rejection of the supernatural. Reason will eventually carry the day over all of the irrational, faith based belief systems that are still so popular with the masses these days. All of the atheist “schisms” will have a part to play in the transformation, sometimes you have to be conciliatory, sometimes you have to be confrontational to raise awareness, and incite passion, and sometimes, you just have to laugh at the insanity!

    If the religious word “schism” is the label you like, fine, but I prefer to think of it as a multi faceted effort.

  2. So basically atheists are more pathetic than Christian denominations?

    Wow now THAT is laughable.

  3. I don't think the atheists are pathetic, I think they are vicious potentially violent movers who would eliminate believers by FORCE if they had the chance, just as EVERY officially atheistic government has attempted to do.

    I don't underestimate them, but they will self destruct, just as they always have.

    The trouble is, they will probably take a lot of us with them in the process.

  4. I found this article to be all over the map and quite funny, hypocritical and disjointed all in one pot of word soup...