Richard Dawkins Publishes, Again!

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  1. The full book advance and all royalties will go to the UK HIV charity Terrence Higgins Trust.

  2. "Perhaps next year they will publish “An Atheist's Guide to Ramadan,”

    Oh they are not that brave, they are strangely silent on Islam, I wonder why?

  3. There is no reason why a non christian can't enjoy Christmas. How much does a fat old man coming down the chimney have to do with Christianity anyway? I suppose you would also like to ignore the pagan roots of the date for Christmans or any of the many pagan symbols associated with Christmas?

    So it looks like Dawkin's book was beaten by a Christian version by some hundreds of years...

  4. First anon,
    Well, this is certainly a very, very rare occasion of atheist charity.
    In that case, sure let them go on expressing their prejudice and condemning Christianity—glad to help.

    Thanks second anon,
    Indeed, I have already considered the atheist push towards a neo-Pagan-atheist-[un]holiday: see here, for one such example.

    Yet, Mary and Joseph celebrated Jesus’ birth, the shepherds celebrated Jesus’ birth and the angels celebrated Jesus’ birth and so do I.

    Now if you want to consider Christmas as relating to snow, trees, logs, presents, non gender specific snow personages, morbidly obese chimney chimers, that is another issue.

    Thanks for the heads up, by my count that is a baby’s handful against Islam and a universe against Christianity—thanks for the compliment Dawkins, et al.
    Consider my more detail criticism here .
    If you think that the term “equal” applies at all, you are not paying attention.


  5. keep up the great work Mariano !! Im not even a christian but enjoy the points you raise plus the constant updates and articles you post,cheers

    Deist of oz

  6. Yeah, thanks for your efforts. Catholic here, but give me deists over the squealing atheists any day.

  7. I agree!

    signed "that anonymous troll" ;)

  8. 'Well, this is certainly a very, very rare occasion of atheist charity.'

    Huh? Have you seen the charities of Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Richard Branson? (just to name a few)

    When you deduct the cost of maintaining all the churches,luxurious homes and the paying the clergy, Christian charitable contributions fall below those of the secular. I personally donate every year to Mercicorp, Doctors without Borders, PBS, the Shiners as well as our local (Christian) homeless shelter.

    Most secular people I know are very generous, we just dont consolidate it to one group like Christians do.

  9. Ben:

    Maybe you should do some reasearch on how many of those Christian charities are directly linked to churches.

    That and I don't know many pastors who own "luxurious homes" (my own has 5 kids and lives in a one story house in one of the worst parts of my town, the only person who has a house near to nice is the local priest and that house is over 100 years old) that and since only Catholics have a clergy I don't see how much money non-catholics can be paying them. My own pastor subsides on a small fixed sum that is far less than most of the church members make. He gets most of this money through our offerings indeed there have been times when he has gone without a paycheck.

    Also I wouldn't exactly call Doctors without borders secular. I know a couple of people in the program. They're all Christians.

    signed "that anonymous troll" ;)